How To Print Place Cards

Blush and light blue place cards. How to print your own place cards using Word and free template from LCI Paper

Shown Above: Folding blank place cards in Colors MATT Light Sky Blue (left) and Powder Pink (right).

How to Print Place Cards at Home in 5 Steps

In this tutorial you’ll learn to customize and print your own place cards using our free place card template and your home printer.

Our folded, tent style place cards come in dozens of colors, several finishes, and in square and rectangular sizes. In these instructions, we use rectangular 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 place cards as an example.

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Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Download Free Microsoft Word Place Card Print Template

Start by downloading the print template that matches your product from our Free Print Templates page.

We offer 3 x 3 and 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch place cards. Templates for both sizes are found in the Fold Cards section of the template page. See below.

Download free Microsoft Word place card print template from How to print your own place cards in 5 steps.

Please note we also offer inDesign templates, but in this tutorial we address Microsoft Word only.

Print your own place cards using Microsoft Word place card template from LCI Paper.

Step 2 – Open the Template File in Microsoft Word

Open the .doc template file in Microsoft Word.

About the Template:

  • Sized to the open, unfolded dimensions of place cards:
    (4.5 x 5 inches in this example)
  • 0.25 inch margins on the left, right and bottom sides
  • 2.75 inch top margin to accommodate for the back side which won’t be printed
  • Black text in default font that can be changed to your liking

    Customize and print place cards using LCI Paper free template. How to print your own place cards with Word

    Step 3 – Enter your Guests Names and Table Numbers

    Change the sample place card wording to the name and table number for one of your guests. Change font, size, and text color if you wish.

    Font shown here is Adelicia Script.

    You have set up your template and are ready for a test print!

    TIP: At this time, we recommend cutting a plain piece of paper to the size of your place card for the test print. This way you do not waste any of your cards.

    Step 4 – Time To Print!

    Before printing, we need to set the custom document size of our place card. Otherwise, the printer assumes we are printing on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

    IMPORTANT: In this example, we are using Word version 16.24 on a Mac. If you have a different version of Word or are using a PC, instructions may slightly differ but basic principles will be the same.

    • Go to File > Page Setup
    • If 4.5 x 5 is not listed as your page size, use the drop down to select Manage Custom Sizes to add it
    • Click the + button and enter 4.5 x 5 inches. Rename if you wish, then click Ok
    • Click File > Print to open the print interface
    • Make any necessary changes to trays or paper type, then click Ok to print your test.

    How to create a custom page size and print using Microsoft Word on a Mac

    Blush pink place cards with calligraphy font | LCI Paper

    Step 5 – Fold and Finish

    Fold your test sheet or place card in half.

    Like what you see? Great! Save your template, enter all your guests’ names and table numbers, then print the entire run.

    If not, make changes and perform additional test prints until you like the results.

    Not Up for It? Let Us Print Your Place Cards for You!

    If you would rather not print your own place cards, take advantage of our print services and let us do it for you. It’s professional, fast, and super convenient!

    To order, simply choose your place cards, font, and ink color and send us your guest list. We’ll do the rest! We print in color, black or white ink (a look that really pops on dark place cards)!

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    Matte finish blush pink place cards printed in black. Choose one of our fonts or send us your own for no extra charge


    Square black (Ebony) place cards printed in white shown here


    Midnight blue place cards printed in white ink shown here


  1. Elisabeth says:

    Hi there-

    I’m wondering if you’ve ever created an inDesign template for this place card? I’d like to get more creative than word is letting me, but I’m having some trouble creating the initial template in inDesign.


    • Kristen says:

      Hi Elisabeth,

      Unfortunately we have not created an inDesign template for our 4-up place cards, just the Microsoft Word template you see.

      The reason we offer MS Word templates is because it is the program that the majority of our customers use to customize and print our items, as they typically already have this common program installed on their home computers.

      Perhaps you can use the properties and dimensions in our 4-up MS Word template to set up your own inDesign template.

      Please let us know if you have any questions.

  2. Alan Spohn says:

    I am having a dinner party and we wil have one long table. I wouuld like to have a place card with names which can be read from either side of the table. Since we will have only one long table can you e;liminate the table number?
    I think the card should be folded in the middle so it could stand like an A frame rather than be laid flat on the table. We are having approximately 22 guests How much will the cards cost for that number?

    • JB says:

      Hi Alan,

      After you’ve downloaded the free Word printing template and begin customizing it for your needs, you will be able to remove the table number line.

      Printing on the back side of the place card is possible because you can print each sheet twice. After you’ve printed one page as shown in this tutorial, just reload the page and rotate it 180 degrees before loading it back into your printer and printing again. The will print the name on both sides of each card so that you can fold it in a tent style and have the name show from both sides of the table.

      Our 4 Up Place Cards are currently sold in 50 packs yielding 200 cards or 10 packs yielding 40 cards, depending on which style you choose.