How To Order Envelope Addressing Services From LCI Paper

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The Easy Way To Guest Address


In addition to our popular Backflap and RSVP envelope printing, we have decided to add the printing of your guest’s addresses to our offering.

Top Reasons Why LCI’s Envelope Printing Services Are For You:

  • Saves time, money & hassle of printing at home
  • We use the proper technology and print settings specific to every individual envelope
  • We print on demand after your approval
  • Extra envelopes for setup are on us – No need to order extra envelopes in case you make an error



About our Envelope Addressing Service

Over the last few months our RSVP, return address and backflap imprinting have risen in popularity, so much so, that we decided to add the option of guest addressing to our offering. Using your prepared data file with all of your guests’ names and addresses we professionally imprint your envelopes or place cards with the font, color and type size of your choice! Take advantage of our wide collection of fonts, or supply your own

How to Order Envelopes With Your Guests’ Addresses Printed

wedding envelopes with custom printed addresses

  1. Add the product you would like addressed to your shopping cart.
  2. Click Checkout, within the basket simply click add addressing, which will take you to the addressing page
  3. On the Addressing Page, select which product to address
  4. Select your addressing option, single envelopes, double envelopes, or place cards
  5. Once selected move to the next step & select from the dropdown how many addresses you want printed
  6. From this page download the CSV template to input your addresses
  7. Add this service to your cart, and check out


After order completion, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss the data file and create proofs for all of your envelopes. Once approved we will print & ship your order

Double check your guests’ information for accuracy before emailing to us. The faster you review your proofs & approve the faster we are able to ship your custom imprinted order. No printing will be done without customer approval.

How to Enter Your Guests’ Information

enter your guests information into the spreadsheet


Download the Template file

Uncompress the downloaded file to view it’s contents. You will find three files, two templates and an instruction file.

Using a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or a plain text editor, open the file named “Envelope-Addressing.csv”.

Preserving the template’s format please populate the file with your guests’ information. One record per line up to the number of credits you purchased.


The template has the following comma separated columns:

  1. “Line 1 – Name” – guest’s names as you would like them to appear imprinted
  2. “Line 2 – Name” – second line of guest names, generally children if not inviting the whole family
  3. “Address Line 1” – first line of each guest’s address
  4. “Address Line 2” – second address line for your guests (optional)
  5. “City, State, Zip” – guest’s city, state and zip code, typically for wedding invitations, the state name is spelled out
  6. “Inner Envelope Line 1 Names” – names of the guests being invited; typically the informal names of your guests (Double Envelopes Only)
  7. “Inner Envelopes – Line 2” – any additional guests being invited, like children for example (Double Envelopes Only)

Please save file as “YourLastName_YourOrderNumber.CSV” and email it to

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