How To Make a Slim Program

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This video will show you how to make a professional looking slim wedding program using the contents of LCI Paper’s Orange Girl Slim Wedding Program kit. Watch Amy make and embellish the kit with additional accessories like a ribbon and a faux wax seal.

Here are the steps to follow

You can make your own program for a wedding or other special occasion. It’s super simple.

For this program, we’ll use

  • Vibe Wave 110 pound card stock in the Orange Girl color.
  • You can see how its unique, iridescent surface reacts to the light. It’s pre scored for an easy fold.

  • The insert is a fine, 70 pound text weight sheet in ecru.

Now Amy will turn the blank components of our Slim Wedding Program kit into a professional wedding program.

She has already printed unique wedding details on the insert sheet. She used LCI Paper’s Slim Program template for Microsoft Word, which is available at LCI Now, she’ll just fold the insert sheet in half.

She’ll do the same with the Vibe Wave folder, creasing the score.

Now, Amy will simply place the insert sheet inside the folder.

Leaving the insert sheet loose is perfectly acceptable, but there are a number of options to secure it inside the program as well. You can use our double sided tape dots, our glue marker, or tie our black chiffon ribbon around the program. Use one yard of ribbon to secure and embellish the program. Another unique embellishment idea is to use our pearl shell faux wax seal.

How amazing that this professional looking program is so simple to make.

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