How To Buy Lined Wedding & Other Envelope Types

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What Type of Envelope Is Best for Me?

When buying envelopes, the 4 most important areas to consider are Printability, Weight, Cost, and Postage. Which types of envelopes are easy to print? What weight should I be looking for? Which will provide me with the best value? I don’t want to be surprised at the Post Office. Which types require only standard postage and which require extra?


1. Envelope Printability

If you’re planning to print your envelopes at home to save money and time, we have good news for you! The majority of envelopes offered at LCI can be printed in home printers. If you have access to both an inkjet printer and a laser printer, your envelope options are wide open. If you only have access to one type of printer, you may need to narrow your choices.


Metallic translucent matte finish envelopes

The envelope’s finish dictates which printer type–Laser or Inkjet–will yield the best result.

Inkjet and laser printers are equally adept at printing envelopes made with porous, matte finish paper, opening up most of our envelope types to your choice of home printer.

But these particular non-matte finish envelope types are best printed with one printer type as opposed to another:

  • Metallic Envelopes – Impermeable finish best suited to the dry toner of laser printing
  • Translucent Envelopes – Best results achieved with inkjet printing

Black Envelopes computer printed handwritten

Dark envelope colors are not conducive to home printing.

Often, home printing on dark colored envelopes results in text that is not clearly visible. If printing your envelopes at home, stay away from black envelopes and other dark colors. Otherwise, plan to hand address.

We recommend using a Gelly Roll Pen if hand-addressing envelopes. Choose a light color that will provide enough contrast to the dark envelope color.

Wedding Quality Commercial Grade Envelopes

2. Weight & Feel

You don’t want your envelopes to look and feel cheap or common. Obviously you want them to feel substantial—a cut above ordinary.

For every envelope offered at LCI, a paper weight specification is displayed showing you exactly what weight of paper is used to make the envelope. Our Double Envelopes, Lined Envelopes, and Linen Envelopes are all made with 70 lb text (105.35 gsm), and as you’ll see, even heavier weights are available.

This is not to say that paper weight is the only factor that determines envelope quality, but it is a tangible specification you can use to compare different envelopes.

Premium Heavyweight Envelopes

If you’re looking for envelopes made with even heavier paper, look no further than Metallic Envelopes and our exclusive Old World brand with the unique European Flap style.


Lined Envelope Blue

Added Benefits of Lined Envelopes

The actual lining of our Lined Envelopes adds a bit of weight and thickness. And if you’re concerned about not being able to see through the envelope to the contents inside, the lining offers some additional protection. Keep in mind that our envelopes are partially lined, not fully lined to the bottom of the envelope.

Ultimately, your hands-on experience–the way the envelope looks and feels in your hand–may be the most influential factor in your decision.

Inner & Outer Envelopes

3. Envelope Cost

Obviously, cost is major factor when shopping for envelopes. But quality envelopes don’t have to be expensive.

You may be surprised to learn, for example, just how affordable are LCI’s Double Wedding Envelopes, especially when you factor that each 50 pack includes 50 outer envelopes and 50 inner envelopes.

All of our envelopes are priced with value in mind and the difference in price is usually only a few dollars per pack, a small price to pay for wedding quality envelopes that truly meet your expectations.


4. Postage

Square Envelope Ecru

Don’t overlook postage when calculating your envelope costs, as certain types may require additional postage based on envelope shape and the weight of your entire invitation ensemble.

Square Envelopes require additional postage.

Other envelope types are considered standard letters and require only standard postage. However, additional postage will be required if the envelope and its contents weigh more than 3.5 ounces. Remember that Double Envelopes are two separate envelopes, adding weight to your invitation. Lined Envelopes also add weight.

Policy Flap Envelopes, if addressed with the envelope vertically aligned rather than horizontally aligned, will require extra postage. For further explanation, see article, Do policy envelopes require additional postage?

The best way to make absolutely sure of additional postage is to take your finished invitation ensemble to your local Post Office and ask.

Compare Type Comparison

Use the following chart to quickly determine envelope printability, postage, weight, and cost.

$ – Least
$$ – Moderate
$$$ – Most

* Envelope Type Inkjet Laser Standard Postage Extra Postage Light Weight Options Medium Weight Options Heavy Weight Options Cost
Double Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark $$-$$$
Lined Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark $$
Square Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark $ – $$
Metallic Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark $$
Linen Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark $-$$
Translucent Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark $-$$
European Flap Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark $$
** Policy Flap Envelopes small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark small check mark $$

* All envelopes, regardless of style, if square require extra postage
** Require extra postage if addressed with envelope vertically aligned

Spend a Few Minutes to Learn

Printability, weight, cost, and postage are all factors you should consider when researching and ultimately purchasing the envelopes you will use as part of your important invitation. By spending just a few minutes learning about the differences and similarities, you’ll be in a much better position to make a wise decision. Let us know if you have any questions about which envelope type is right for you.


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