How Do You Print on Wood Grain Paper?

Print Sharp, Crisp Text on Textured Wood Grain Card Stock

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Whether it’s feedback, ideas, comments, or questions, we love hearing from our customers.

Customer Blair is interested in our heavily textured Savanna Wood Grain Paper and recently posted the following question on our blog:

How do you print on the wood grain paper?

To answer Blair’s question, we test printed wood grain card stock using a laser printer and an ink jet printer. See the detailed results of our testing in this video, learn more about the deeply embossed texture of wood grain paper, and finally, learn why ink jet printers seem to be the best best for this stock.

close up of savanna wood grain card stock

Savanna Wood Grain Prints Beautifully –
With the Right Equipment

A thick, heavyweight, 111lb card stock that is deeply embossed on one side with a defined wood grain texture, wood grain paper is striking and prints beautifully – with the right equipment.So which type of printer is best for printing on wood grain? Here’s what we found

close up of savanna wood grain card stock printed with laser

Laser Printer Results

As seen here, laser printing results were not great. Laser printers work by laying and fusing toner on paper, toner that is unable to get into the deep grooves of the wood grain texture. The result is toner piquing, flaking, white space, and overall, a shabby print job.

close up of savanna wood grain card stock printed with ink jet

Ink Jet Printer Results

Ink jet results were significantly better. Ink jets work by spraying wet ink onto paper, and therefore, the ink “jets” can get into the grooves of the paper. The result is crisp, sharp, printing.

Important Printing Note

All printers are made differently, and texture aside, Savanna is a very heavyweight paper that not all printers can handle. Even if you have an ink jet printer, it is recommended you order a sample and test print prior to purchase. This way you can be sure that your printer produces results that are satisfactory for you.

Do you have a specific question about printing on wood grain paper, or on any of our specialty papers? Please post a comment.


  1. Jeff Noon says:

    What about offset printing presses? I have a printer that I like to use but they don’t usually like to experiment on jobs. What I can I say to them about this paper and its weight? Can it be printed two sided? Is there a printshop you recommend that wouldn’t hesitate to print and ship businesscards on this paper if I supply the artwork?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jeff,

      According to the manufacturer (Gmund), wood grain can be printed on an offset press. However, as always, we recommend ordering a few samples to show your printer. Although you said they do not like to experiment with jobs, unfortunately it is the only way to know for certain.