Embellish DIY Invitations With Simple Tools, Decorative Brads

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Hand-Held Craft Punch – An Essential Tool for Craft & Invite Enthusiasts!


A great tool for quickly adding twine, thin ribbon, and other decorative embellishments to your invitations, a hand held craft hole punch is an essential tool for the craft enthusiast and invitation designer.

Watch this video to see our 1/16″ micro round punch in action! In it, we’ll teach you how to use this punch to start a hole for a brad post, and you’ll see just how easy, convenient, and great hand held punches can be!

1/16 inch hole punch for decorative invitation brads

Features of The 1/16 of an Inch Round Hole Punch

  • 1/16 inch micro round hole punch
  • 2 inch reach in from the edge of the paper
  • Cushioned grips & ergonomic design
  • Hole Punch works on leather, plastics, cardboard, craft foam, craft ribbon, felt and more
  • Handy tool for scrap book enthusiasts and invitation designers!

measure your invitation to find the center for your brad post

Embellish Invitations In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Measure and Mark Where the Brad Will Be Placed

Using a ruler and a pencil, measure for, then mark the desired location of the metal brad post.

punch hole with 1/16 of an inch round whole punch for brad post

Step 2: Punch a Hole for the Brad Post

Use your micro round punch to punch a hole where you made your pencil mark.

insert brad into invitation

Step 3: Insert the Brad

Insert your brad into the hole you just punched – so much easier than trying to do it with no previously existing hole!

That’s It, You’re Done

In no time at all, you have a assembled a tastefully decorated layered invitation!

slim three layer vellum invitation secured with floral metal brad



Here are some more ideas!
Five Ways to Use a Craft Hole Punch to Decorate Invitations

What will you create with decorative hole punches?

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  1. parag says:

    I want a single hole punch that I can handle freely.

  2. JB says:

    Hi Parag,

    Thank you for your interest in our Hole Punches. We carry them in two different formats–a Round shape and a Ribbon Stitch shape. Both can be found on our Craft Hole Punches page.

    All of our orders are taken through our web site. We do ship internationally and we can ship to India. Most questions about international shipping are addressed in our video, Does LCI Paper ship internationally?.