Handwritten or Printed Wedding Envelopes: What’s Correct?

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Wedding envelope etiquette - best to hand write or print wedding envelopes

The Great Debate: What’s the Proper Way to Address Wedding Envelopes?

When it comes to addressing wedding envelopes, there’s an ongoing debate over the “proper” way to do it – handwriting or printing. So what’s our opinion? We’re impartial and think it’s up to you! Below we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each so that you can decide what’s best for you and your wedding invites.

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Handwritten Wedding Envelopes: The Argument

Traditional wedding etiquette suggests that it’s proper to hand write wedding envelopes, as social correspondence is written and business correspondence is printed. Some argue that writing is also more personal than printing.

Black wedding envelope with white calligraphy

Ways to Handwrite Envelopes

If you are the DIY type, you can write your own envelopes by hand. If you’re not (or feel your handwriting just won’t cut it), you may also hire a calligrapher to address your envelopes for you.

Handwritten Envelope Pros

  • Follows traditional wedding etiquette
  • Adds a personal touch to your invites
  • You can choose any color (even opaques and metallics) thanks to cool pens and inks.
  • DIY addressing is very cost effective.

Handwritten Envelope Cons

  • Time consuming
  • If you have bad handwriting, your envelopes may not look polished or may be difficult to read and deliver.
  • If hiring a calligrapher, addressing may get costly.

Shown right, Ebony matte finish envelope printed in white with digital calligraphy.

Printed Wedding Envelopes: The Argument

Digital printing is a modern and typically quick, easy and cost effective way to nicely address your envelopes.

Dusty blue wedding envelope with blue printing for addresses

Ways to Print Envelopes

You may print your own envelopes at home, take them to local printer, or order printed envelopes online.

As not all printers are capable of printing envelopes, it is always a good idea to order samples to test print prior to purchase.

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Printed Address Pros

  • Quick and easy
  • Consistent, legible addresses on every envelope
  • Great for those with messy handwriting
  • Ability to mix and match fonts and graphics for modern style
  • DIY printing is cost effective

Printed Address Cons

  • Doesn’t follow traditional wedding etiquette
  • Personal touch is lost
  • Print colors may be limited
  • Some printing methods are high in price (foil or letterpress return addressing, white ink toner, etc.)
  • DIY printing may be time consuming without the proper knowledge or equipment

Shown here, a Placid Blue matte finish envelope with blue address printing.

More Wedding Envelope Ideas

Neutral wedding colors - Chardonnay taupe wedding envelope with gray card printed by LCI Paper

Top Trend Neutrals

Neutrals are all the rage! Shown here, a Chardonnay envelope and a Timberwolf card, both printed by LCI Paper.

Dusty mid green envelopes printed and addressed in white ink by LCI Paper

White on Green

We offer several shades of green, dusty “Seedling Green” being one of our most popular. It’s shown here printed in white.

Cream colored deckled edge envelopes with digital calligraphy return address

Just the Return Address

If you don’t want your addresses printed but still want to save a little time, let us print your return addresses for you! Here is a Wedding cream deckled edge envelope printed in charcoal.

Traditional white envelopes with modern black address printing | LCI Paper

Simple & Modern

For a clean and modern look, try crisp black printing on classic white envelopes. A wedding white envelope is shown here.

Sage green wedding envelopes with printed addresses

Black on Sage

Yet another top trend green, soft gray/green Sage envelopes printed in black is a poplar choice.

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