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Marilou and husband DonToday we’re speaking with Marilou in Indiana, pictured with her husband Don. Their daughter was married last month. Marilou sent us a menu card that she made with our Herbeus green Vice Versa card stock and a combination of other items that she found locally. She took a few minutes to talk to us about the inspiration behind the card and the process of making it. Please enjoy this 10 minute conversation with Marilou.

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Here is a transcript of the interview:

Thank you for sending one of the menus that you designed for your daughter’s wedding.

Thank you.

homemade Herbeus green menu cardIt was great to receive. Everyone in the office really liked it, so we have some questions for you. First of all, how did the homemade menus go over with your daughter and the guests?

Well, I think everyone really loved them. I originally wasn’t going to have menus and then I decided that we could use a little color on the reception tables and actually, that green backing ended up being the main color for her invitations. It was a green foliage. And then all the bridesmaids’ dresses were that color of green. I just decided that that would add a little more color than just the basic ivory linens to the reception tables.

Ok, so the Herbeus green was really pulled from the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses then.

Yes, exactly yes. And her flowers were a combination of a lot of white roses but they also incorporated rose with a greenish tinge to it and then some green hydrangeas. So those were her main wedding colors-the green and the white.

Nice and natural looking, great.

Right, and perfect and Springy for April.

Good. Well, let’s continue talking about green. People in the office love the custom flower at the top of the menu. One person in particular really liked how you used the brad post through the flower into the printed invitation card. But then it stopped there. You didn’t actually poke it right through to the backing layer. Tell me about that.

I got the inspiration for this menu card from your web site. You do feature a menu card. And I had actually ordered the spiral clips and I was going to just use the clips but then I actually happened upon these little green flowers at a national craft store in their bridal department. They come in various colors and this green was absolutely perfect. And then I started looking at the brads that they had. I decided that that would give a little more accent to the menu card. I used a very small 1/16″ circle punch. I just punched as deep as the throat of the punch would let me on the white menu card and centered that and just fed the brad through the flower and then through the white card and that way the back of the brad secured the flower on the back of the white card. Then I used adhesive mounting squares-I think they were in the scrapbooking section-and I just applied one to each of the upper two corners and positioned it. And that way it was secured just fine and the brad stayed hidden through the back of the green card.

Herbeus green menu card with green flower embellishment

What is the craft store that you purchased these from?

Michaels crafts is where I purchased the little green flowers. Actually, the company that makes them, the label says Brides. I know they had pink ones, maybe black ones-several different colors. And then of course the brads were also from Michaels. The 1/16th circle punch was also from Michaels. The little adhesive corners I actually got at Hobby Lobby. Everything was readily available. There were so many cute little brads to choose from, I considered using one that looked like a little rhinestone or a little diamond, but opted for just the plain silver brad because with more of a nature theme, I thought that fit better than the blingy brad.

And the focus is maybe more on the flower and less on the brad.

Right, right. And I think if I would have used the other one it would have made the focus on the brad so thus I opted for just the silver brad.

The printed text on the menu card looks great.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah! Tell me about that. How did you lay it out on the card and then how did you print?

I used Microsoft Word. That’s just generic card stock. I put in the sizes according to the border that I left. I believe the sizes actually were what you sell as a two piece set with the Herbeus card and the white for your menu sets. So I put in all those sizes on my Word document and I selected to center all the text. I dropped it down at the top to accommodate the little flower. I did just a one up on this and then I decided… I was kind of running out of time so I called my local Kinko’s store and said, “Hey, if I send you this document and run in and show you what I’m trying to do, can you do this 2-up for me?” And, “Sure, no problem.” Kinko’s printed it 2-up. They used their ream cutter where they could cut fifty sheets at once as opposed to me manually cutting each sheet with a T-square and X-acto knife and spending hours doing it. So I did utilize Kinko’s services. They were very easy to work with and it was a real time saver when you’re crunched before a wedding.

That’s really good to hear that they would do that for you and they made it easy. Good.

They did. They made it very easy. Of course I could have gotten the card stock from you but I just used what Kinko’s sold. I could have run it all through my printer, but as I said, it would have been pretty laborious and I would have had to have hand cut every single one. I actually ended up making two hundred menu cards so this was a big time saver to let Kinko’s do what they do best and help me out.

I think the way you described your Word setup will really help people realize that that’s really what it is-you take the size of the card you’ve got and you set up those dimensions and you set up your text.


That’s great that you explained it so simply like that and it worked for you.

Right, it did. And of course you have to go into your layout and look at what you want for spacing after the lines and I did play around with that for quite a while to get it just like I wanted. I probably printed out maybe a half dozen samples at home on my printer before I was actually happy with what I had.

I think people might be interested in knowing that the way I did this… First of all I’d like to say I ordered samples from you guys first. So I got this Herbeus green card and then I also ordered a green slider card and I was considering using that card also but it had a little bit too much iridescence to it for me. But I was amazed at how fast the samples came from you guys. I think it was within two days time. And then when I decided on the Herbeus card and placed my order, I think your order actually arrived within two or three days so very excellent service from your company.

Good. Good to hear.

And then another thing I might want to mention is that I think with the cost of the stock and my brads and those little flower doodads, I think I had maybe fifty cents in each completed menu card which I know you would have probably paid two or three dollars easily if you would have ordered them from and invitation shop.


I thought it was a nice way to add a little extra to the table.

Then with those little flowers, I went a step further and instead of using the tent cardboard cards which-I didn’t find your web site until pretty close to the wedding-but my daughter wanted these little frames for place cards so I printed out all the names of the guests and then I actually took one of those little green flowers and free floated it in the corner of the frame. So we had the little green flower in the card too. But if you were to use the tented cards that you sell that you can print off on the computer, you could also coordinate your place cards and use the brad and the punch and put that little flower on the place card or table cards too, so it would be an easy way to embellish and coordinate all your paper.

Good point. Did you have a great time at the wedding?

Oh yeah we did. Yeah, we did. (laughter) It was two weeks ago and I’m playing catch-up now but it was a wonderful celebration and it was great. (laughter)


And the project, I really enjoyed doing it. It just really I think added a special touch and it was really fun to do something for her wedding versus farming everything out to the invitation shops. Your web site gave me the idea and you have a lot of great ideas and… I don’t know how I found it. I was just searching the web for green papers or something. I see you have programs and invitations and pocket invitations. Well, I’m glad I found you guys because you have great products and great service, so I thank you for that.

Thank you Marilou for the kind words about your experience with LCI Paper. And thank you for taking time to submit your menu card to our Share Your Creativity program. We hope Marilou’s experience inspires others that might be listening (or reading) that they too can use LCI Paper’s blank stock and make an idea become a reality. Hear more stories like Marilou’s and subscribe to our podcast. Comments about Marilou’s design or about homemade menu cards in general? Post comments here!

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