3 Pens To Hand Write On Kraft Envelopes

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Pros & Cons of Three Pens to Write on Kraft Envelopes

Environment kraft paper has two different textures, smooth and rough. It is a recycled paper that is great for cards, envelopes and other types of stationery. Both textures of our Kraft paper envelopes can be written on by hand.

The Pens:

The Envelope Paper Finishes:

  • Smooth Matte – Smooth to the touch (Desert Storm and Moonrock)
  • Raw – Slightly rough to the touch, highly absorbent (Grocer Kraft)

1. Gelly Roll Pen

About the Pen

The Gelly Roll pen has a roller ball tip for a smooth, even flow onto the paper. Our Gelly Roll pens are offered in several varieties & dozens of colors to suit your needs.

The Results

Using the classic style Gelly Roll pen we traced an address onto both the smooth & raw Kraft paper envelopes. For both finishes, the writing was smooth, clear and easy to read. We tested multiple fonts and the results remained consistent. There was no smudging, or extra ink bleed and the colors were vibrant and stood out on both envelopes.

Neenah Environment Kraft Paper Envelopes Hand Written With Gel Pen  Gelly Roll Pen From LCI Paper Co.

2. Black Dual Tip Calligraphy Pen

About the Pen

The Black Dual Tip Calligraphy Pen is offered in two tip sizes; small & large. Both, however, have a flat chisel tip. We suggest using the small tip for smaller writing and the larger tip for bolder calligraphy. To test this, we traced an address onto raw and smooth envelopes. Here’s what we found.

The Results

If you are not used to writing with a chisel tip pen, this may take some practice. Once you get the hang of it, it works well for writing in a large, bold calligraphy style, but does not do well with small, finely detailed letters. Our test results revealed it is easier to write on the smooth Kraft paper, the text was clear and neat. The print on the rough, raw finish Kraft paper had jagged edges, but still printed clearly.

Kraft Envelopes Printed Using A Black Dual Tip Calligraphy MarkerDual Tip Black Calligraphy Marker From LCI Paper Co.

3. Gold Metallic Calligraphy Marker

About the Pen

The Metallic Paint Calligraphy Marker has a flat, spongy tip that allows the metallic paint to flow out easily. It’s offered in silver and in gold.

The Results

Since the marker has paint rather than ink it writes a lot thicker than the other two pens. This marker does write smoothly on both types of envelopes, but the text is clearer with larger letters than for small detailed letters.

Kraft Envelopes Hand Written Address Using Gold Metallic Marker From LCI Paper

Metallic Gold Calligraphy Marker LCI Paper Co.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, after testing all three pens, we found that the Gelly Roll Roller Ball Gel Pen is the best choice for everyday writing on the Kraft paper. The Gelly Roll pen writes smoothly, consistently, and vibrantly on both finishes regardless of writing style. However, for a bolder calligraphy look, with some practice, calligraphy markers write well on Kraft paper too.


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