Colors Metallic Paper Photos

Gmund Colors Metallic A Unique Sheen

Gmund Colors Metallic – the shimmering, lustrous side of the Gmund Color System.

The Metallic collection consists of a dozen colors, each with a matte counterpart, each with an exquisite coating. Take a look below…

Gmund Colors System swatch book set with Colors Metallic swatch pulled forward

Gmund Colors Metallic in 12 colors

12 Shades

The Metallic collection is made of up 12 complementary shades, each with a Gmund Colors Matt match, shown here.

Gmund Colors metallic has a canvas-like feel with a mica infused metallic coating

Subtle Sheen

Lustrous coating atop canvas-like sheets results in a subtle sheen.

This simple, understated lustre makes Gmund Metallics ideal for social and corporate correspondence alike.

Gmund Colors Metallic card stock coated on one side, matte finish on the other

One Sided Coating

Gmund Colors Metallic is coated on one side only, the reverse side a matte finish.

Photo collage - Gmund Colors Metallic - close up of swatch book, colors, texture, printed samples

Shown left, close ups of Gmund Colors Metallic swatch book, colors/texture, and printed samples.

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