Gmund – Making Quality Papers While Protecting the Environment

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Interested about the different Gmund paper brands that we carry?

All Gmund papers are produced at a small, but world-renowned paper mill in the village of Gmund. The mill is located in the south of Germany at the edge of Lake Tegernsee, in the Bavarian Alps. In operation since 1829, Gmund is dedicated to producing quality paper and protecting their environment.




Gmund Color System – 15 Colors

With more than a dozen colors in text and heavy cover weights, the Gmund Color System is the heart of the brand. And within the Gmund Color System you’ll find Contact, a line of translucent vellum paper with color tones to complement your creativity.

Vice Versa – Vibrant Textures

Vice Versa is a heavy cover stock highlighted by a ribbed, vergé texture that feels great to the touch. Choose from more than 15 colors that also work in conjunction with the Gmund Color System.



Savanna – Woodgrain Cardstock

Another uniquely textured paper is Savanna which features an embossed wood grain pattern in colors inspired by the African continent. The perfect compliment for your natural design or a natural color palette, our Savanna Woodgrain Cardstock is incredibly life-like, this paper is a must see!





Reaction – Metallic Iridescent Finish

As you’re learning, Gmund produces amazing and unique papers that we’re proud to offer. Another must see line is Reaction where the shimmering, metallic paper surface changes depending on the way the light falls. One side of the paper features the metallic, mica-infused surface while the other is complemented with a certain matte finish color.



Owned by the Kohler family for a century and counting, many of the Gmund papers carried at LCI are produced in the “Old Lady,” Europe’s oldest in service paper machine.

Now let’s talk about environmental considerations. Not only has Gmund achieved FSC certification, but they follow their own self imposed 100% Eco-Sustainability charter. Here are some specifics:

70% of the mill’s energy comes from water-power, solar-power, and heat cogeneration.

As you may know, water is one of the key ingredients used in paper making. Gmund’s one-of-a-kind ozone purification system processes the water they use and purifies it without the use of chemicals. The water is tested to make sure it is drinking quality and then returned to the river which is a water source for Munich City.



Gmund makes quality paper while protecting and treasuring their environment, and all of these papers are in stock and ready to ship. If you have any question about Gmund papers, get in touch. We’d love to provide you with an answer.

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