Gmund Colors Envelope Liners

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Here at LCI we now offer Gmund Colors lined envelopes. Never before has it been so easy to match your whole invitation ensemble.

Liner Color Options

These are the first ones of this line and we’ve started with the three most popular colors, which are shown here. They are ecru with Scarlet Red, white with Stone, and ecru with Midnight Blue. However, we will be adding the full spectrum so keep an eye out for your favorite.

Red: Ecru Envelope with Scarlet Red Liner

Gray: White Envelope with Stone Liner

Blue: Ecru Envelope with Midnight Blue Liner

Gmund Colors lined envelopes, invitation cards, RSVP card

Sizes & Finish

Available in both A7 and A9 sizes and made using a 70 pound text paper, these envelopes are perfect for wedding invitations, corporate events, and any other use you can think of. They feature a matte finish with a square flap and have a moisten and stick gum seal and the liner extends about half way down the inside of the envelope. Our lined envelopes are available in both LCI’s radiant white and ecru.

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