Gelly Roll Pens-Sparkling Stardust, Metallic Inks

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Stardust Gelly Roll pens have a metallic, reflective, sparkling ink. The secret ingredient is actually a cosmetic grade, finely ground glass. In this video you’ll see samples from different color Stardust pens on three different cards.

Matte finish, Radiant White card stock:

The combination of Stardust ink on this surface achieves the best effect.

Stardust pen writing sample on white matte card stock

Light colored metallic finish card stock:

The metallic sheet steals a little bit of the ink’s thunder because one might notice the metallic paper before the ink color.

Stardust pen writing sample on metallic card stock

Matte finish, black card stock:

In the video, it’s very difficult to see the ink on the black card, but in the close-up photo, it’s clear and quite bold. We notice less color saturation but more sparkle.

Stardust pen writing sample on black matte card stock

Stardust Gelly Roll pens are ideal for handwriting envelopes, thank you cards, place cards, table number cards, children’s invitations, any scrapbooking project, etc. Have you used Stardust pens? We’d love to hear about it. Post a comment.

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  1. Josh says:

    Are the tiny bits of glass in the Stardust Gelly Roll Pens sharp enough to cut your skin? I have cats that love to scrapbook with me and I don’t want their little paws hurt! Thanks!

    • JB says:

      Hi Josh,

      We love cats and we don’t want any harm to come their way either. The glittery “dust” that produces the reflective brilliance is a cosmetic grade, finely ground ingredient that will not separate from the ink. There is certainly nothing sharp about the ink that flows from Gelly Roll Stardust Pens.

  2. Josh says:

    Great! Thanks so much!