Gelly Roll Metallic Pens – Smooth Flowing, Comfortable Writing

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In this video, you’ll learn about Gelly Roll Metallic pens, available in 14 different colors, all with a reflective, pearlized, painted finish. These pens work on both matte and metallic paper finishes and their roller ball pen design makes writing effortless. Your pen hand will glide along the paper, making writing easier.

Here’s an example of different Metallic pen colors handwritten on a metallic black card:

Metallic Gelly Roll pen on metallic black card stock

Here’s a close-up of the metallic ink handwritten on a matte white card:

Metallic Gelly Roll pen on matte white card stock

After watching the video and seeing different writing examples from our Metallic Gelly Roll pens, we hope you’re interested in trying them. But remember, we have quite a few other lines of Gelly Roll pens and you can see those in other videos. If you have any questions or comments about these Metallic pens, post a comment. We’re happy to hear from you.

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