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Gmund Colors Felt

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Gmund Felt Paper Collage

Gmund Colors Felt is a true european felt finish paper that emanates refinement. Offered in 9 distinctive hues specifically made to match their color counterparts from the Colors Matt collection. Like all Gmund papers, Felt is manufactured pH neutral and acid free and with quality, aesthetics, and longevity in mind.

Odeon Felt

Odeon True Felt and Pearlized Felt available in card stock, papers, and envelopes in a variety of sizes.

Odeon – A name synonymous with premium felt finish card stocks and papers. This soft, lush card stock paper is known around the world for its genuine felt finish and its superb printability. Letterpress printers will be amazed at how well this paper prints. A superb impression that only a true felt finish paper can provide. Don’t be fooled by other brands, Odeon is one of the only real felt papers you can buy. Available in True Felt (white shade of Gala) and Pearlized Felt (off white, cream colored) paper, card stock, and envelopes.

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