No Color No Bleach (FAQs)

What is No Color No Bleach made with?

No Color No Bleach is made with pure, long fiber wood pulp. As implied by its name, this collection is made with no color/dye (white) and no bleach (tan) giving the paper a natural, authentic appearance.

What is the texture of No Color No Bleach?

Though long fiber and natural material add dynamic character to each sheet, the finish of this collection is best described as a subtle European felt (soft, thin linear texture).

Is No Color No Bleach Recycled?

It is not. This collection is pure, natural, and unrefined where recycled paper has been gone through a renewal process.

How do I print on No Color No Bleach?

Long fibers make No Color No Bleach a high stability collection that can stand up to offset, letterpress, embossing, foil stamping, die cutting, and more.

We have test printed light coverage on this paper with both laser* and ink jet printers with success. However, as all printers are different, we highly recommend ordering samples to test.

*Due to the subtle texture of this paper, full, solid coverage is not ideal on this sheet, as toner can not get into each groove.

What is No Color No Bleach commonly used for?

Made with purity and authenticity in mind, this paper is best suited for natural, eco-conscious packaging and printed materials. Less is more with No Color No Bleach, and clean, simple, understated designs really pop on its natural surface.

Why isn’t every sheet of No Color No Bleach uniform?

Since it’s made with natural, uncolored, unbleached material, color and character may vary slightly from batch to batch, sheet to sheet.

Since this collection was developed by Gmund, do No Color and No Bleach have a corresponding Color System number?

No, this collection does not correspond to any Color System number, though No Color is similar to wedding white (49) and No Bleach similar to wheat (27). Again, please keep in mind color may vary.

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