Gmund Colors (FAQs)

What’s the difference in the 4 Gmund Color System finishes?

  • Matt (48 Colors) – A collection of smooth, matte finish cover and text weight papers and card stocks that is the foundation of the Gmund Color System
  • Felt (9 Colors) – Uncoated cover weight papers with a subtle European felt, linear embossed texture on both sides
  • Metallic (12 Colors) – Cover weight papers with a canvas-like feel and a shimmery coating on one side
  • Transparent (7 Colors) – Colorful translucent vellum sheets in light and heavy translucent weights

What do the Gmund Color System numbers mean?

Each color in the Gmund Color System is given a number. Whether Matt, Felt, Metallic, or Transparent, if it has the same number, it is the same color. This makes mixing, matching, and luxury design simple across the board.

Do the names of the Color System papers come from Gmund?

Gmund Color System papers are numbered only, not named. We named the papers in house to give you an idea of what the paper looks like in person.

However, for reference purposes, we list the mill’s numbers next to our paper names on all ordering pages.

Can I order samples?

Certainly. You can order individual GCS paper samples or GCS swatch books as individuals or as a full 4-book set.

Order Gmund Color System swatch books

What is the difference between the large and small swatch books?

You may have noticed we have small and large versions of the Gmund Colors Matt swatch book. Both versions include 48 color chips and a paper specs page, but the large version includes large (approximately 5 x 8 inches) printed paper samples so you can see print quality and feel various paper weights.

Are Metallic and Felt colors offered in text weight?

Matt and Transparent are offered in light text weights, Metallic and Felt are offered in cover weights only.

Is there a matching envelope for every paper in the Color System?

The Gmund Color System was designed so that Matt papers would be used for envelopes. The idea behind it was the luxury to mix and match amongst the collections, hence the availability of text weight papers (for envelope making) in Matt, but not in Metallic or Felt.

We offer Matt Color System envelopes in dozens of colors to match and/or complement many of the papers in the Color System, but not all, and not necessarily identically.

Do Gmund Color System papers match other Gmund brand papers?

Yes – that is the beauty of Gmund. The Color System was specifically designed to match across the board, but many of other Gmund brands fall into the same number system as well. For example, Gmund’s Savanna Bubinga and Colors Matt Chocolate are the same dark brown #37. Urban Brasilia Black and Color Matt, Metallic, Felt, and Transparent Ebony are all #10. The list goes on.

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