Wedding Envelopes (FAQs)

Can all of your invitation envelopes be used as wedding envelopes?

Absolutely! All of our envelopes are made with premium, wedding quality paper. Our envelopes cover a broad range of sizes, colors, flap styles, and personal tastes from traditional to trendy, so take your pick for your wedding invites!

How many wedding envelopes should I order?

The total number of guests does not equate to the number of wedding envelopes needed. The number of envelopes needed for your event is typically half of the guest list plus a percentage for those who are invited as single guests (not couples). To allow for mistakes in addressing or those last minute additions to your guest list you should plan on ordering at least 25 extra envelopes.

Are your wedding envelopes sized for standard invitation sizes?

Yes, we have envelopes for the most common invitation sizes, and then some. Check out our Envelopes by Size to see them all.

Do you offer any information on addressing wedding envelopes?

For information on how to address wedding envelopes, please view the following guide:

Wedding Envelope Etiquette: How to Properly Address Wedding Envelopes

Any questions, you can always give us a call and our paper experts would be happy to assist you.

Is it proper to use colored envelopes for wedding invitation envelopes?

Sure! Though white and cream envelopes are more “traditional”, colorful envelopes are used for wedding invitations all the time! Contemporary, colorful invites are very much in style, so the choice is yours.

Do your wedding invitation envelopes have matching RSVP envelopes?

Most of our envelopes have matching A1 (3 5/8 x 5 1/8) and A2 (4 3/8 x 5 3/4) envelopes that can be used for wedding response envelopes.

Do you offer printing and addressing services on your wedding envelopes?

We offer printing on most of our smooth finish envelopes. To order, just find your envelope, check the order printed box, then follow the instructions that populate. Choose our full addressing or return addressing, our fonts or yours, and colors white, black, to a variety between.

What is the best pen for handwriting wedding envelopes?

Most envelopes are best suited for ball-point pens, as they are much less likely to bleed through the paper than felt tip pens. Consider trying our Gelly Roll pens. They are available in a wide variety of colors, write consistently, and do not smear when dry.

Are invitation tissues included with my wedding envelopes order?

Invitation tissue is not included with your wedding envelope order, but can be purchased separately.

Is it tacky to use address labels on my wedding envelopes?

There are different perspectives on this issue. Some people would not use labels because they feel the look is too “corporate” for a wedding invitation. Alternatively, labels can be an easy, convenient, and affordable option over professional envelope printing or hand writing. There is no right or wrong answer, just personal opinion.

If I purchase my wedding invitations elsewhere, will your traditional white and ecru wedding envelopes match?

In terms of paper color and finish, without comparing both items in person, it’s hard to say whether your wedding invitations will be a perfect match to our traditional wedding envelopes, but we can describe our’s:

  • Radiant White wedding envelopes are made with our own house brand of brilliant white, smooth, matte, 70lb text weight paper that carries a 98.0 brightness rating.
  • Ecru wedding envelopes are made with our own house brand of cream colored, smooth, matte, 70lb text weight paper that carries a 74.0 brightness rating.

We recommend ordering individual samples of wedding envelopes to determine if they will match. You can also contact us with more details about your invitation and we can tell you more. We’ll give you our best advice with the information at hand, but we strongly recommended that you order a sample

How do I determine the best card size for my envelopes?

In terms of matching your invitation card to the properly sized envelope(s), the general rule is that the envelope containing the invitation should be 1/8″ to 1/4″ larger than the invitation card. Watch our video to learn more about finding the right envelope size. You can also contact us with the measurements of your card. We will be happy to direct you to the best envelope fit.

Are all LCI wedding envelopes double envelopes?

Not all of LCI Paper’s wedding envelopes are double envelopes. To suit a variety of customer needs, LCI Paper offers all types of quality envelopes in different paper textures, finishes and sizes, each suitable for wedding invitations. If you are mailing traditional style wedding invitations you should probably consider sending them inside double envelopes, however if your invitation style is contemporary then you may find a better match with other types of specialty envelopes.

Can I purchase LCI wedding envelopes in a local store?

LCI Paper Company is an online company based in Hudson, Massachusetts. We do not have a physical store front in which we sell our wedding envelopes, as we are simply a large warehouse and distribution center. Although there may be stores that carry our papers, our distribution model is warehouse direct to consumer and businesses. We understand that when shopping online, it is sometimes hard to get a true feel for the appearance of an item, especially when ordering paper products. This is why we offer the option to order samples.

Must the inner envelope be lined?

When using two envelopes, there is no etiquette rule that dictates that you have to line your inner envelope. However liners do add elegance as well as help to color coordinate your invitation package therefore many people choose to have their inner envelope lined.

Which is lined, inner envelope or outer envelope?

As with most traditional wedding invitations, if you are including two envelopes, then etiquette suggests using an envelope liner on the inner envelope, not the outer. The inner envelope is considered to be the real envelope. The outer envelope serves to protect the invitation ensemble from the rigors of mail delivery and postal markings.

Are inner envelopes sealed for wedding invitations?

Centuries ago wedding invitations were traditionally hand delivered, with an outer envelope and inner envelope. It was then anothers job to remove the outer envelope and hand deliver the inner envelope to the appropriate family members. Although most invitations are no longer delivered in this manner, the tradition of leaving the inner envelope unsealed remains. Therefore when you order the double wedding envelope set, the inner envelope from the set is un-gummed.

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