Vellum (FAQs)

How translucent is Translucent Vellum Paper?

Though it is not crystal clear in appearance, you can certainly see through it. In essence, text and images will certainly be visible through vellum paper, though their appearance will be clouded. The level of transparency of the vellum will vary with color. Text and images beneath light colored vellum such as clear or pink will have a different appearance than it does under darkly colored vellum, such as purple.

Translucent vellum has the appearance of frosted glass - see-through, but not crystal clear

What are some other common names for vellum?

Vellum goes by many names, all of which refer to the same thing. See-through paper, see-thru paper, semi-transparent paper, and tracing paper are a few of the most common ones. The term of choice usually varies with the context or industry the paper is being used in. For example, drafters or artists are more likely to use tracing paper, where scrapbookers or stationers are more likely to use vellum.

Translucent vellum goes by many names - see-through paper, semi-transparent paper, tracing paper

Can I print on both sides of vellum paper?

Translucent vellum paper has the appearance of frosted glass. Though it is not crystal clear, it is certainly transparent. Any text or images printed on vellum paper would certainly show through the other side. For this reason, you can not print on both sides of vellum paper.

Can you print color on vellum?

Sure! So long as your specific printer produces sharp, clear results on the vellum you are trying to print, whether your printed design is full color or black and white, it will not make a difference.

Can I get custom size vellum paper?

We offer lots of convenient, pre-cut vellum paper sizes, large and small. However, if you need a size that is not offered, get in touch with us. We offer custom cutting on all of our papers and would be happy to help you out.
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Is vellum paper the same thing as “see-through” paper?

Translucent vellum paper is indeed “see-through”. It has the appearance of frosted glass and is very often used in wedding programs and invitations. For those who do not know its proper name, it is often referred to as “see-through paper”, “see-thru paper”, and “semi-transparent paper”, so it is very likely that vellum paper is what your friend was referring to.

Does light show through vellum?

Light does show through vellum paper, creating a soft glow. This makes it ideal for use as decorative luminaries. To learn more about this, please view the following instructional video and tutorial:
Make Translucent Vellum Luminaries with Ease

Does glue show through vellum?

Because it is translucent, glues, tapes, and other forms of adhesive often show through vellum. Though vellum adhesives are sold in craft stores, we recommend attaching vellum to your project with invitation embellishing accessories such as ribbon, twine, bows, clips, or brads. This avoids the problem all together and adds a decorative element to your design.

Glue or other adhesives often show through vellum. Try using accessories to adhere vellum instead

Why do I have trouble printing on vellum?

In a nutshell, the variations in printing success are due to the fact that not all vellum and not all printers, are created equally. Vellum is non porous and non absorbent, but not all vellum is identical in finish and weight. Similarly, although all laser printers and all inkjet printers are designed to work essentially the same way, they vary in speed, quality, and overall design. Where one brand of vellum may work with your laser printer, it may not work with another laser printer. Likewise, you may find that although one stock of vellum works with your inkjet, another does not.

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Translucent vellum may be tough to print because of its finish

What’s Your Best Advice for Printing on Vellum?

  • Ink and toner takes a longer time to dry on the non absorbent surface of vellum, so be sure to allow your print adequate time to dry before touching it.
  • The less ink or toner you use on vellum, the faster it will dry, and the less likely to smudge throughout the printing process. Consider printing in draft or economy mode when printing on vellum. This setting is designed to conserve ink and toner, thus placing less on your vellum, and aiding in drying.
  • Consider using fonts with thinner lines. Fonts with heavier lines use more ink, take longer to dry, and are more likely to smudge.

Should I Use An Inkjet or Laser Printer To Print Vellum

Vellum Translucent Paper is one of the most challenging paper categories that we represent in terms of printability. What makes it challenging is that we can’t say with a concrete or bold statement that these sheets will print to your 100% satisfaction in specific environments. But we have done a lot of internal testing on inkjet and laser printers with varying results. What we’ve found that on specific printers, we get much better results than on some others.

In short, the best advice we can offer our customers is to urge them to test these sheets in their own printers. Our testing yielded too many varied results, but if we are to make a recommendation, it’s probably going to be use inkjet when that printing technology is available. If you are going to be printing with a laser printer, by all means, order some samples and test them in your printer. You’ll know for sure whether the result meets your satisfaction or not.

Is Translucent Vellum Paper & Paper With a Vellum Finish the Same?

The word vellum can be used to refer to paper type, or paper finish, often leading to confusion. Although the names sound similar, translucent vellum paper is very different from paper with a vellum finish. Translucent vellum is see-through, non porous paper with an almost plastic-like finish. Vellum finish paper is opaque, highly absorbent, and has a subtle texture similar to that of an eggshell.

Translucent vellum and paper with a vellum finish are not the same thing

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