Stardream (FAQs)

I am trying to laser print on Stardream envelopes, but the toner just wipes off. Why?

Stardream envelopes can be a tricky to print on. Although the manufacturing mill and our in house print tests have confirmed that Stardream does print best with a laser, not all lasers can handle the very heavy text weight of this paper. In these cases, the toner fails to properly fuse to the paper, hence the rubbing off/smudging.

Some laser printers have the option to change the paper setting/type from light to heavy. The heavier the weight is set to, the slower the paper moves through the printer, and the longer it stays under the fuser to set the toner. Poke around your driver, or consult your printer manual to check if you have that option.

Will black ink show up on the dark colors?

The darker the paper, the less the readability. Although we’ve had success laser printing on the darker Stardream papers in black because of the decreased contrast between the print and paper color, we strongly recommend using a crisp bold font. Serif and light weight fonts do not create the appropriate contrast to make the text legible and have a tendency to disappear into the paper.

Is Stardream cardstock Paper compatible with offset, litho, thermography or engraving?

Stardream cardstock paper is compatible with Thermography (Raised Printing), Offset as well as other conventional print methods.

Is the metallic sheen the same color throughout?

Yes, Stardream is a dual sided metallic finish that is the same color and finish on both sides.

Are Stardream envelopes a nice heavy weight?

Stardream envelopes are made with 81lb text paper, which is a very substantial, wedding quality weight. To offer a comparison, big box store mailing envelopes are made with 24lb text weight paper, on average.

How do I print on the small Stardream A1 envelopes?

You can print Stardream A1 envelopes at home, or we can print them for you! Due to their finish, we recommend printing them with a laser printer only. Please note that due to their small size, they may not be suitable for all home printers.
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Is Stardream Crystal a subtle white metallic or is it more silver metallic as it appears in the illustration?

Crystal is a white metallic – whiter when the light hits it, as it is slightly iridescent with subtle silver mica flecks in it (best seen in sunlight), it is not a silver.

Can I use the stardream text paper in my canon ix6520 desktop inkjet printer?

Stardream paper is better suited for a laser printer. That said we have heard from other customers who have had positive results printing metallic papers using an inkjet printer. Since printer models, inks and customer expectations vary our advice is to order samples to test print on your specific printer.

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