Pocketfolds (FAQs)

Do you make custom size pocketfolds?

Unfortunately we do not offer custom size invitation pockets, just the sizes and styles shown on our site. This is because pocketfolds are made by die cutting cardstock. Each unique size requires a custom die. In order for a die cut item to be economical, several thousand must be made (far more pockets than one person would likely need)!

Do your invitation pockets require assembly or do they come glued?

All of our pockets are pre-assembled (cut, scored, pocket glued into place). Besides designing and creating your invitation look there is no assembly required.

Do I need to use envelopes when mailing pocket invitations?

Yes, we recommend protecting your pockets with an outer mailing envelope. Even though the pocket has a top flap, it is not considered an envelope. The sides are uncovered and exposed to potential damage from postal sorting machinery and weather.

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Should double envelopes be used with pocket invitations?

In most instances double wedding envelopes are used for traditional wedding invitation ensembles. Pocket card invitations are more contemporary in style that would be better suited for a single outer mailing envelope. In addition, pockets serve as inner envelopes in and of themselves, wrapping up your whole invitation ensemble.

Are your invitation pockets self sealing?

The flaps on our invitation pockets do not seal on their own. Some suggestions for decoratively holding your pockets’ flaps down are:

Do you offer pocket invitation kits?

We do not offer pocket invitation kits, but all of our pockets have matching cards, paper, and envelopes available so you can create your own unique pocket wedding invitation.

How do I know what size cards fit in my invitation pocket?

To learn which card and envelope sizes to pair with your pocket, visit our Pocket Invitation Size Guide.

Do you offer printing on pockets?

We can not print directly on pockets, but we do offer invitation printing services for the cards that go inside, as well as envelope printing services for the outer mailing envelope.

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