Envelopes (FAQs)

What is your heaviest invitation envelope?

Our heaviest envelopes are So Silk brand envelopes, made with 92lb card stock (249 g/m2). Colorful Matte envelopes (in wedding white and wedding cream only) made with 91lb text (135 g/m2) are second heaviest.

Do you offer envelope printing and addressing?

We do! We offer full printing and addressing services on all of our invitation envelopes. For more information, please view the following:
Addressed Envelopes Printed in 2 Business Days

What is the difference between single, double, and double lined envelopes?

Single Envelopes

Just as the name implies, a single envelope is one outer mailing envelope that houses your invitation. The envelope has a gum seal so that after you place your invitation inside, you can simply moisten the seal, stamp, and mail.

Double Wedding Envelopes

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is what is a double envelope?

Simply put, a double wedding envelope is a set of two envelopes, an inner envelope that houses the invitation, response and reception cards, etc., and an outer envelope that houses the inner envelope and all of its components.

  • Outer Envelope – has a gum seal for mailing purposes and is slightly larger than the inner envelope
  • Inner Envelope – is slightly smaller and has no gum seal, and is traditionally left unsealed for courtesy.

Based on very old wedding tradition, the outer envelope is designed to protect the inner envelope from the rigors of mailing. The outer envelope may get marked up in the mail, but the inner envelope stays in great shape for guests to view.

How do I figure out the right envelope size for my invitation?

In general, you need an envelope that is 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than your invitation card. For detailed information on invitation envelope sizing, please view the following:
How to Find the Right Size Invitation Envelope

Can I use address labels on your envelopes?

If you choose not to use our envelope printing service, you can certainly use labels. However, we strongly suggest your thoroughly test and mail out a sample invitation to yourself. Specialty envelopes can be finicky with labels because of their coated surfaces. If you find yourself purchasing labels, make sure they have a permanent adhesive and are not re-stickable or repositionable, as they could fall off. If you do find that your labels are falling off, we suggest adding a drop or two of glue to the back of each label. It may sound like a lot of extra work, but you wont be left wondering whether or not all your guests received an invitation.

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