Blank Wedding Invitations (FAQs)

What are Printable Invitations?

When we term our invitations or other stationery “printable”, it simply means that they are blank, and are designed to be printed at home or taken to a printer. To make our invitations convenient for you to print at home, we have free Word printing templates and instructions available for download right.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Printing Your Own Invitations At Home?

Number one, you have the freedom of personal creativity — you’re basically doing it at your own leisure. You’re getting others involved: family members, friends, relatives. The bottom line is that it is also a cost-savings measure in my mind. For years I worked for a major social thermography invitation printer and know what professional printed invitations are. I can say from firsthand experience that it is much more costly to order professionally printed invitations vs. taking on the task of printing your own invitations at home. The cost to print your own invitations is really personal time and whatever consumables might use on their printers

Is Anyone Capable Of Printing At Home?

Do we think that it’s an easy task? We feel quite strongly that it is and if we didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be in this business. I’ve consulted with many people on the phone and guided them through the process of setting up a custom document, how to feed the paper through finally printing the final piece. More often than not they are simply amazed at the quality and simplicity of doing this at home.

Do You Need Special Equipment, Training Or Software?

As far as special needed equipment goes, nothing really. The basics would be a computer, quality printer, and the ability to work with a word processing or design application. Microsoft Word seems to be one of the most common applications used, and if someone is versed in using Microsoft Word, they will be able of set up a custom sized document for home printing.

Is LCI Here To Assist In The Printing Process

One of the nice things about LCI is that not only are we here to sell wedding invitation paper for people to print on their own, but we’re here to assist them on how to go about doing it. We do that in the form of resource content that we put on our website & blog Resource & Learning Center, or free downloadable print templates etc. Additionally, our in house staff and designers have experience creating custom invitation ensembles and printing on those invitations. They are here to help those who call and are interested in doing it on their own.

Any Suggestions For First Time People Considering Printing Their Invitations At Home?

Take your time to format and layout your invitation by making good choices for type styles and type sizes. Oftentimes the selection of font and layout can really make all the difference in the world. It’s a good idea to have other people proofread your work. Ask them for their comments on design, have them check for spelling and punctuation. And finally, before the actual printing takes place, I typically suggest people print test samples first by cutting cheap paper to the size of the invitation, and use that for setup purposes. Look at the printed test samples to make sure that the formatting comes out printed the way you want. When you’re finally happy with the sample results, and how it’s printed, and the color of ink choice, then you’re ready to use your quality invitation paper.

What Common Concerns Do Customers Have In The Home Printing Process?

When printing their own invitations I would say one of the biggest concerns is, will the cards print on my printer? That particular concern is a tough question for us to answer, because we can only give first-hand knowledge based on the experience that we’ve had with the printers we tested. We have tested a handful of home printers sold in today’s market, but there are too many out there to test them all. On our website, we indicate whether a particular stock or envelope is suitable for laser printing or inkjet printing, or neither in some cases. In most cases however the paper will be suitable for one or the other. There are some invitation papers we sell that are quite heavy, textured or coated that we do not recommend printing on them using home printers. Such papers are geared toward offset presses, letterpress or other conventional printing techniques. Do not discount the use of these papers when making your invitations because many are beautiful complimentary papers used for invitation layers, backer cards or accents. Since we don’t always know why someone is purchasing a particular paper stock, we try and help them along the way by giving them as much useful information as possible about printability and design ideas

With the benefits of home printing, you can take full credit for the beautiful invitations you make yourself. So save yourself some money and the stress of professional printing, and print your own invitations at home!

Do the card stocks on layered wedding invitation kits come pre glued?

No, each of the components (card stocks & vellums) of our layered invitation kits arrive to you unattached. Our website shows the assembled invitations to help our visitors get a feel for the look they can create.

What adhesive will you use to adhere the layers? Whether you want to use something as commonly available as a school glue is up to you. Or you can browse our selection of specialty adhesives that may give your invitation a more professional appearance.

Although we show some layered kits with decorative clips or adhesive bows, usually these are only suggestions. Please feel free to customize the invitations in any method that you desire.

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