Dandelion Pocket Fold Invitation for a Fall Wedding

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wedding invitation designer, wedding photographer Kristen Blake

Kristen Blake is a wedding invitation designer and wedding photographer. You can see examples of her work at her web site, Kristen Blake Photography and Paperie. She recently submitted a wedding invitation she designed for one of her clients that uses a Stardream Bronze pocket fold invitation.

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Stardream bronze brown pocket fold wedding invitation-dandelion theme

Here is a transcript of the interview:

First of all, tell me about Kristen Blake Photography and Paperie. How long have you been designing invitations?

I started in 2007 when I graduated from college with a graphic design degree. My friends were asking if I could design their wedding invitations and stuff like that. So that’s kind of how it started to take off. Then their friends started asking me to make invitations for them so it was just kind of a snowball effect.

How did they know to ask you?

Oh my friends?

Yeah, yeah

Just from work they had seen me do from my job-my 9-5 job-or from college.

Gotcha. Tell me about the photography side of your business.

That actually started, again, after college when I started to do weddings with a friend of mine-photographing them just as an assistant. He just needed a second hand. He knew I was good at it. I got involved with a couple of photographers in the area and I started again with the friends, doing their engagement sessions, their weddings, small weddings, and then I got a little more confident in what I was doing and I branched out on my own.

Nice. How long have you been doing it on your own then? A year or a couple years?

Just about a year now.

Stardream Bronze pocket fold wedding invitation dandelion

Let’s talk about the dandelion invitation set you created with the Stardream Bronze Pocket Fold. Whose idea was it to use a dandelion theme?

That was actually the bride’s idea. She had seen something in a magazine and she really liked that idea. It’s a fall wedding. She pretty much gave me creative license to run with it, so that’s how the color came about. I knew her colors were like a chocolate brown and ivory so I wanted to stick with that. I thought the single dandelion was really a strong element on it and I think it makes it a little romantic.

Tell me about the printing. What types of papers and what colors are those that you printed on-the invitation card and the other cards in the pocket?

Ok. I used a digital printer in my area locally and we print on an 80 pound… It’s called a Natural cover stock so it’s not white and it’s not yellow either. It’s just a really soft white, so it’s not as stark as a bright white.

Ok. So that wasn’t a challenge because that’s just a smooth matte surface.

Yes, yup.

Stacked response cards-direction cards-reception cards-brown pocket fold

Ok. I think many of our customers would love to layer their response cards, direction cards, and reception cards as you’ve done inside the pocket. Do the cards rest all the way to the bottom of the pocket?

Yes they do. I created them in such heights that they would stack appropriately, about about ¾ of an inch for each one, so that way they could see what is this card. It is a reception card. It’s the response card. So I wanted to make that clear and I wanted to do it in a presentable fashion.

So about ¾ of an inch from top edge of the card to the next top edge of the next card that’s under it?

Correct. Yep.

Ok. Do you do your own custom cutting?

No, my printer does the cutting as well.

Gotcha. How did your client print the addresses on the envelopes? You used Stardream Bronze envelopes, is that right?

Yes, yes. I gave her a gold pen. That way it shows up on the actual envelopes so we don’t have to use labels because that’s a big no no in my business. So whatever you do, do not use labels. So I advised her to get a gold pen and it worked out beautifully.

Good. And can you just tell me about the overall reaction of your client to the beautiful invitations when you finally presented the finished product?

Sure. She absolutely loved them. Both her and her fiance were just completely starstruck almost. It was a great feeling. They both loved it. They both loved everything about it—the colors, the design of it—they just really loved it.

Thanks to Kristen for sharing her Bronze Autumn Dandelion pocket fold wedding invitation design. If you have questions for Kristen, post a comment.

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  1. You go girl! Fabulous invitation suite!!

  2. Caroline says:

    I love the layered look with the square pocket fold! Very elegant and easy to see. Can you share the dimensions for the enclosure cards?