Envelope Printing (FAQs)

How quickly do printed envelope ship?

Most printed envelope orders ship within five days of proof approval. If you need them to ship faster, you have the option to order rush service as well.

What does “rush my printing” mean at checkout?

After you add a printed envelope order to your cart you will see the option for rush printing. If you choose a rush, this means that we will put your order at the top of the proofing and printing queue. This offers a two day turnaround after proof approval.

Can I get printing on any envelope?

Pretty much, yes. We offer printing on all of our smooth finish envelopes – metallic, matte, light, and dark. We can not print on textured envelopes, as our equipment does not perform well with embossed papers. Other exceptions include bulk, made to order envelopes as these ship direct from production.

Can you print light colors on dark envelopes?

We can print white on dark envelopes such as black or navy, but we can not print in metallics.

Will the printing smudge if my envelopes get wet during mailing?

Due to the high end technology they are printed with, your envelopes will not smudge to the touch or with normal use.

Postal automation equipment can cause damage to your envelopes. This includes tears, scratches, markings & any other unforeseen occurrence. LCI Paper is not liable for damage to envelopes after product delivery to our customer, this is the sole responsibility of the customer. We strongly recommend speaking to your post office in advance of mailing and asking for your invitations to be hand canceled.

What if I don’t see a font I like?

We offer a variety of popular fonts – serifs, sans serifs, scripts, etc. If you don’t see one you like, you can send us your own fonts and graphics. To do so, simply check off the “Custom Graphics & Custom Font (+ $20.00)” box when placing your order.

Why does it cost more to upload my own fonts and graphics?

We use an automated proofing and print file generation system for all non-custom orders which frees up time for our printing department. When customers would like custom envelope designs, a member of the print department is used to generate and perfect a manual proof, hence the extra charge.

Where do I upload custom artwork?

After you check out you will receive an email with instructions and a link to upload your custom artwork or fonts.

What format should custom artwork be in?

Please send high resolution (300 DPI) PDF files.

Where do I enter my guest addresses?

Enter your addresses under Step 2 of the printed envelope ordering process. Click the “Click Here to Enter or Import Addresses” link to either type each address in individually or download a csv (spreadsheet) file to fill out then upload (recommended).

Can I delete the headers in the guest address template?

We kindly ask that you leave the headers in the guest address file template, as they are used to arrange your guests’ addresses onto your envelopes. Editing header/column names will cause malfunction in spreadsheet upload.

Will I get to view my envelopes before printing?

Of course. Whether you order automated or custom envelopes, you will get to review a proof before printing. If you choose our fonts you will get an on page proof to review. If you order a custom design we will manually generate a proof for you and email it to you.

If I order more envelopes than I have guest addresses, will I receive the remainder blank?

Since our envelopes are sold in 25s, it often happens that you have more envelopes than you do guest addresses. For example, if you need 80 addressed envelopes, you would need to order 100 envelopes, leaving you 20 unaddressed envelopes. In cases like this, we print just the back flap return address on the extras.

If you would like your additional envelopes to be left blank instead, please request this when you place your order or when you receive your proof.

Can you print accent marks?

Yes, we can print accent marks. However, please note that not all fonts have a complete character set. In these cases, strange characters will appear in place of accent marks/foreign characters. We keep our eyes out for these potential hiccups, but you can help too. Be sure to check your address list and proof carefully to verify the integrity of all special characters.

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