Popular Wedding Envelope Finishes, Formats & Flap Styles

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What’s the Difference Between all those Envelope Flaps, Formats & Finishes?

At LCI, we offer envelopes in a big variety of flaps, formats and finishes. Combined with dozens of sizes and hundreds of colors, our selection can be pretty overwhelming (we understand).

Below, check out the difference between all these flaps, formats and finishes. If you have questions, please get in touch. We want you to love your invitation envelopes and are happy to help!

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Envelope Flaps & Formats

Envelope flap styles at LCI Paper

Envelope Finishes

Order colorful, matte finish envelopes printed and addressed from LCI Paper

Smooth, Matte Envelopes

These envelopes are uncoated, untextured, clean and classic. You’ll find smooth, matte envelopes in every color of the rainbow and in a variety of flaps to suit your taste.

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Order shimmer, metallic finish envelopes LCI Paper - dozens of colors blank or printed

Metallic Envelopes

With eye catching sheen and subtle sparkle, metallic envelopes are a popular choice for wedding, party and holiday envelopes. Paper is coated on both sides for glamour inside and out. Choose from straight and European flaps.

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Elegant, classic 100% cotton envelopes. Order in white or gray from LCIPaper.com

Cotton Envelopes

So soft, so chic, these envelopes are made with 100% cotton making them alluring to the eye and touch. Cotton envelopes are offered in a stylish European flap and light, neutral color palette.

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Linen texture invitation envelopes in white and cream. Order blank or fully addressed from LCI Paper Company

Linen Envelopes

There’s nothing like the timeless texture of linen. Featuring a subtle woven, or cloth like finish, linen offers just enough texture and that je ne sais quoi. Available in classic white, cream and black and in a straight flap.

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Simple texture felt wedding envelopes in white and cream from LCI Paper

Felt Envelopes

Felt envelopes offer simple, understated elegance with a soft texture and timeless white and cream color palette. Envelopes are available with a straight flap.

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Translucent vellum invitation envelopes in white, gold and silver. Order blank or addressed for wedding invitations

Translucent Envelopes

Cool, modern and intriguing, translucent vellum envelopes are slightly see-through. Choose from classic white translucent and metallic translucents with an iridescent sheen.

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