Embossed Textured Card Stock for Must-Touch Designs

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Add a must-touch tactile element to invitations, stationery, paper crafts, packaging, and more with our collection of embossed textured papers and card stocks. Choose from a variety of weights and dozens of colors and sizes, each with its own distinct finish.

Learn more about our collection below.

Japanese linen textured card stock

Japanese Linen

Not your average textured paper, Japanese Linen is offered in a rainbow of bright colors and features a funky and unique grooved pattern. It’s fun, different, and perfect for stylish, modern designs.

Japanese Linen is offered in cover weight only.

Colors (top to bottom): Sea Green, Avocado, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Pewter, Turquoise, Chili

Traditional linen textured card stock in white and cream

LCI Linen

Offered in white and cream and featuring a subtle cloth-like texture, LCI Linen is simple, traditional, and versatile. Choose from two cover weights and a text weight.

Colors (top to bottom): Natural White, Ultimate White

Wood grain textured card stock by Gmund

Gmund Wood Grain

The highlight of Gmund’s wood grain collection is by far its realistic, character filled, wood grain texture. Choose from two brands – Savanna (the original earth-tone line) and Urban Brasilia (the dual-color line).

Savanna Tindalo, Limba, and Bubinga are offered in text and cover weights. The remainder of the wood grain collection is offered in cover weight only.

Colors (top to bottom): Tindalo, Limba, Brasilia Black, Brasilia Grey, Brasilia Powder, Bubinga

Gmund Urban Cement textured card stock

Gmund Urban Cement

Consisting of actual cement and inspired by modern architecture, Urban Cement has a subtle texture and contemporary feel perfect for cutting edge designs.

Cement is offered in cover weight only.

Colors (top to bottom): Cement Dust, Powder, Grey, Black

Odeon true felt textured card stock

Odeon Felt(True Felt)

Made with old world craftsmanship and featuring a velvety true felt finish, Odeon is sophisticated, refined, and suitable for the most discerning of tastes.

Odeon is offered in three colors and in cover weight only.

Colors (top to bottom): Gala, Vintage, Cosmo

Gmund Colors Felt, European felt finish card stock

Gmund Colors Felt (European Felt)

Gmund Felt has a European felt finish, best described as a soft linear texture. Felt is offered in a classic color palette and in a variety of heavy weights.

Colors (top to bottom): Felt Wedding Cream, Limba, Scarlet Red, Stone, Midnight Blue

Gmund Vice Versa verge textured card stock

Gmund Vice Versa

Vice Versa features a heavily embossed ribbed (verge) texture with perpendicular chain lines running every inch. Also offered in classic colors and in cover weight only, it’s like Gmund Felt, magnified

Colors (top to bottom): Ebony, Canary Yellow, Eboreus, Rosa, Placid Blue, Herbeus
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