Eliminate Inner Envelopes With Pochette Invitations

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Ever Consider Not Using An Inner Envelope For Your Wedding Invitations?

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Most wedding professionals will emphatically tell you that inner envelopes are a must when mailing your wedding invitations. At LCI Paper we want to sell our double envelopes, however in some situations they just aren’t needed.

This customer wants to mail her pochette invitations and asks if she can hand address directly on the pochettes as an alternative to inner envelopes, and if so, which type of pen is best for the job.

The simple answer is yes

Want to learn why? Watch our video

folded pochette and envelope

Pochette The Modern Style Inner Envelope

Inner envelopes are not needed because the pochette wraps and organizes all of your invitation components just like an inner envelope.

When assembling pochettes, place your invitation, response card, and any additional enclosures inside, then fold the pochette around them, and place it inside of a mailing envelope.

Without An Inner Envelope, Where Do The Guest Names Go, You Ask?

Just because you aren’t technically using inner envelopes, doesn’t mean you can’t stick to the tradition of having guest names on your invites. No inner envelope, no problem! Write the names right on the pochette! So address away by writing names on the back, non-petal side of pochettes.

gelly roll pen array

Lots Of Pen Choices –
But We Think Gelly Rolls are the Best Pens for the Job

We have done a lot of test writing on our card stocks and we find Gelly Roll Pens work best for writing on pochettes. Here’s why:

  • They write on all pochettes, metallic and matte finishes.
  • They come in all kind of colors & styles to complement your design
  • They have a roller ball tip for smooth, consistent, easy writing

pochette in envelope

Lightbulb tip iconLet The Names Dry Before Putting Pochettes in Envelopes!

To prevent smudging be sure to let the writing dry before placing pochettes in their envelopes. Due to the roller ball ink tip of Gelly Roll pens, writing can take 5-10 minutes to dry, especially on metallic stocks. Once the ink has dried, place pochettes, with the written address facing out into the mailing envelopes. This way guest names are seen first when the envelope is opened.

Would you mail your invitations without an inner envelope?

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