If I choose Economy Shipping, will my order arrive safely & undamaged?

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Flat Rate Economy shipping options

Debbie in Oregon asks:

If I choose Economy Shipping, how will you prevent damage in the delivery of my card stock?

This is a great question so we recorded a video response.

When you place an order, you may have the opportunity to select Flat Rate Economy Shipping.

This flat rate is often less expensive than the other shipping options that we offer. However, the lower cost does not mean less attention to detail in packing and shipping your order.


LCI Paper careful packing

When packing a Flat Rate Economy order, we use the same care as we would had the customer chosen another shipping method.

Flat Rate Economy packages ship via a reliable carrier and as you’ll see in the video, the items are carefully packed to avoid any damages along the way.

Now that you’re confident in the way we handle Economy orders, you can shop now at LCI Paper.

If you have any other questions about Flat Rate Economy Shipping, we’d like the opportunity to answer them. Post your questions here!

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  1. Joseph says:

    Hey, I received my order today and was extremely satisfied with the products and the packing. While I did opt for economy shipping, and I’m glad I have my order, it strikes me odd the way the shipping is handled. I placed my order last Thursday. It was shipped via UPS Surepost Thursday afternoon. The box acutally arrived in my hometown late the next day, basically overnight. However, because UPS Surepost relies on the USPS for delivery I did not receive my order until today, Tuesday. While that is still a short amount of time had I known that UPS Surepost was going to be used I would have probably opted for another method. I’m not a big fan of the USPS. But I”m glad my order is here and I will shop with you again.