Does Zip Dry show through vellum?

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Zip Dry Ashesive

Zip Dry is a craft adhesive that is best known for its quick drying ability. It is also dries clear, leading many to wonder whether it can be used to adhere a vellum overlay to a card without leaving unsightly marks. To answer this common question, both clear and colorful sheets of vellum paper were tested with light and dark invitation cards. Vellum was adhered to the invitation cards using very small amounts of Zip Dry; just enough to ensure the vellum would stay in place, and left to dry for 30 minutes.

Although Zip Dry does dry clear, it was discernible on each invitation card that was tested. However, on lightly colored invitation cards, the presence of the glue was not highly apparent; only being noticed upon careful inspection. If you wish to use Zip Dry for your vellum, it is recommended you do so with a lightly colored invitation card.


Clear Vellum

Clear Vellum on a dark invitation card

When clear vellum was adhered to a Stardream Vista blue invitation card, glue very clearly showed through the vellum.

clear vellum adhered to a blue invitation card with glue

Clear Vellum on a light invitation card

When the vellum was adhered to an ecru card, the glue was much less apparent, only noticed when closely inspected.

clear vellum adhered to an ecru invitation card with glue



Colorful Vellum

Colorful Vellum on a dark invitation card

Here, orange vellum was glued to a black invitation card. The glue was highly visible against the dark background.

orange vellum adhered to a black invitation card with glue

Colorful Vellum on a light invitation card

Similar to the results from above, the glue between the purple vellum and white invitation card below was only visible upon close inspection.

purple vellum adhered to a white invitation card with glue

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