4 Steps to Elegant DIY Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Professional Calligrapher Not Required to Make These Invitations

DIY wedding invitations with calligraphy look

Love the look and style of a crisp, formal calligraphy style invitation but not the price? You do not need a professional calligrapher to get this look. All you need is a computer, a printer, some free downloadable fonts, and the following DIY invitation tutorial, complete with printing template.

For a classic, elegant look, print the design in black on a traditional white or ecru card stock. You can also jazz it up a bit by printing on brightly colored card stock, or by layering in some patterned papers. For a different, more modern look, you can also print in multiple colors.

This design is versatile, and the choice is yours. Let’s get started!

Here’s What You’ll Need

1. Download the Free Calligraphy Font Used in Template

For the template to look right when you open it, you will need to first download the calligraphy font that is in it, Respective.

Download Respective font from dafont.com by clicking the Download Button to the right of the font name. A folder will be downloaded to your operating system with four styles of Respective

How to Install the Font After Downloading

After downloading, a zip folder named Respective will be in your downloads.

  • Double click to open the zip folder, then again to open the folder inside
  • Inside there are four “.tff” files. Select them and double click to open them
  • On most PC & Mac systems, this action will bring up your fonts folder/book and prompt you to install them

You now have the proper font installed on your computer, and you are ready to download the template!

2. Download Printing Template

Download 5 1/8 x 7 Elegant Calligraphy Invitation Word Template

Note: On some operating systems, Respective font may be cut off at the top. This can be remedied by shrinking the font size, or by choosing a different calligraphy font:
Download free calligraphy fonts from dafont.com

edit text on elegant calligraphy wedding invitation in Word

3. Edit Text

This invitation template is set up in a series of text boxes. To edit the text inside, simply click on the boxes. Once the box is selected and the text is highlighted, you are free to edit.

Note about Rotated Text Boxes
All versions of Microsoft Word after 2010 allow for rotation of text boxes, as in the template. If you are using a version of word previous to 2010 and would like rotated calligraphy names:

  • Copy the contents of the text box into an image editing program, like Paint
  • Save the text as an image
  • Copy and paste the image back into Word, as Word will allow for rotation of images

Just note that after making the text an image, it is no longer editable.

Change the sample wording to your own wording, names and wedding information.

If you are happy with the invitation as is, then you are ready to print. If not, change the fonts, sizes, and colors to suit your taste.

DIY wedding invitations with calligraphy look, printed in color

4. Print

Finally, print! If you aren’t familiar with printing custom sized cards, check out this tutorial video:

Printing Invitations at Home with Your Computer and Printer

If you have any questions about customizing this design, be sure to get in touch with us!

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