Differences Between LCI’s Lined Envelopes

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In this video we answer a question from Tom in California.

Tom asked:

What’s the difference between your matte, pearlescent, metallic, and foil envelope liners?

Envelope Liners, Red Foil, Gold Pearlescent, Stardream Lapis Lazuli, Chocolate

Liner Finishes

The quick answer is our envelopes are lined with papers with different finishes. For example our matte lined envelopes have a smooth, flat or matte finish. Our pearlescent lined envelopes features a liner paper with an enamel or wet look appearance. The liner paper used for our metallic lined envelopes have a mica infused appearance. The metallic liner paper complements our most popular metallic papers. Lastly we sell foil lined envelopes which feature liner paper with a super shiny reflective metallic finish.

From left to right: Red Foil, Gold Pearlescent, Stardream Lapis Lazuli, Matte Chocolate

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