What’s the Difference Between White & Clear Vellum?

White vellum paper and clear vellum paper printed in white

Both White (Limba) Translucent Vellum and Clear Translucent Vellum paper are popular for invitation overlays, wraps, jackets and more – but which do you choose?

Learn about the similarities and differences here.

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White Vellum vs. Clear Vellum: The Differences

  • White vellum is slightly more white than Clear vellum (see right).
  • White vellum comes in a variety of sizes. Clear comes only in 8 1/2 x 11.

White & Clear Vellum – The Similarities

  • Both have a frosty translucency
  • Both come in light weights (29lb clear, 30lb white)
  • Both come in heavier cover weights (48lb clear, 54lb white)
  • Both can be ordered blank or printed with your custom design

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