Decorative Ways to Attach Vellum without Adhesive

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Translucent vellum overlays add an element of elegance and intrigue to otherwise simple invitations. But since glue and double sided tape show through lightweight, translucent vellum (which is never a good look), many wonder how to properly attach it. In this post, we offer a few suggestions.

Decorative Clips – Super Easy

Decorative spiral clips are the easiest way to attach vellum to a card. To use a decorative clip, simply slide the clip over all layers and twist into place. Available in heart and spiral shapes; and in red, silver, gold, and black, choose a clip to complement your invitation style.

Printed translucent vellum paper overlay secured with silver spiral clip

Twine, Ribbon, or String – Just Punch & Tie

Not crazy about clips? Try tying vellum on instead. Just punch a hole through the vellum and card and tie them together with twine, ribbon, or string.

White translucent vellum paper overlay secured with white hemp twine

Pre-Tied Self-Stick Bow – Punch, Peel, Adhere

A very popular choice, pre-tied self stick bows are a convenient way to tack that vellum on. To use, just punch a hole in the vellum, lay over the invitation card, and use the sticker on the back of the bow to stick the two layers together through the hole – simple.

White translucent vellum paper overlay secured with pre-tied self adhesive bow

Make a Sleeve – Hide that Glue in the Back

A vellum sleeve provides the decorative look of an overlay with an organizational bonus – throw in additional info cards, reply card, etc. Yes, this example uses glue, but well hidden glue. To make a sleeve, just cut vellum to size and adhere in the back where it overlaps. Still don’t like the glue? Try wrapping ribbon or twine around the sleeve to hold it closed.

White translucent vellum sleeve wrapped around wedding invitation

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  1. keneshia moore says:


    if i am using ecru paper as my text paper, which color vellum would be most appropriate?

  2. JB says:

    Hi Keneshia,

    Great question! We’d probably suggest a semi clear or white vellum