How to Cut Translucent Vellum Paper Like a Pro

Sharp Blades for Crisp Cuts on Vellum Paper

Cutting translucent vellum paper for your next creative design? Don’t fret – getting a crisp, clean, professional looking cut on these lightweight and flexible sheets is easy so long as you use the right tool – a very sharp blade.

Whether a rotary, guillotine, or even an exact-o knife, so long as that blade is sharp, your cuts will be too. See below. The first example is vellum cut with a sharp rotary trimmer. Nice. The second sheet was cut with a dull old paper trimmer. Not so nice. Finally, we get out the old exact-o and straight edge. Looks Great!

Vellum Cut with Sharp Rotary Blade – Great!

Here we use a rotary trimmer with a nice, sharp blade and got a crisp, clean straight cut on vellum.

Translucent vellum paper cut with sharp rotary blade

Vellum Cut with Dull Paper Trimmer – Gross.

Next, we cut the same vellum with an old paper trimmer with a dull blade. As you can see, results are not so hot. Look at those jagged and crooked edges!

Translucent vellum paper cut with dull blade paper trimmer

Sharp Exact-o and Straight Edge – Sharp.

Finally, we test cut vellum using a brand new exact-o blade and metal ruler and got sharp, clean edges. The moral of the story, whatever tool you use, make sure it’s sharp!

Translucent vellum paper cut with sharp exacto knife

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