Do you offer custom paper and card sizes?

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Do you need a card cut to a size that is not already offered on our site? We offer a custom cutting service to assist you with your project. Watch our video to learn how the service works.

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  1. heather morgan says:

    Do you charge extra for custom cutting paper? Also, do you charge extra for custom scoring papers? Thanks so much! I love your site and I’m using you for all my wedding paper and my friend’s invites as well!

    • Chase says:

      Thanks for your comments. These are two services we do offer for our customers. There would be fees associated with cutting and/or scoring. If you have something in particular please contact us with the details!

  2. Shirley Davis says:

    I need some special cut paper: 300 blank cards of Aspire Petallic Autumn Hay in 6 x 6. I am in the process of ordering multiple colors of blank cards at the regular size but I need 300 special cut cards.
    Can you help me?

  3. JB says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Since we do not currently offer Aspire Petallics cards sized 6 x 6, we can custom cut from larger sheets. Orders for custom cutting are placed over the phone, so please give us a call so we can talk about your options.

    You may also consider 6 x 6 Stardream Opal blank cards which are close in color to Autumn Hay.

  4. Aaron King says:

    Im interested in a custom size stock of 16 x 16 can you cut to that specific length in red and black colors?

    • Larry Chase says:

      Sure we can do that. Please call us to discuss the specific needs. We will need information on exactly which papers and the quantities per each you want cut.