Creative Ways to Use Vellum

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Versatile Vellum – Oh the Many Creative Uses. . .

vellum paper in a variety of colors

If you’ve worked with vellum, you already know it’s versatile, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Vellum’s delicate-looking transparency belies its sturdy nature.

Use it alone or in conjunction with other paper or card stock as an overlay. Decorate with it, print on it, create things with it. It’s a favorite of scrapbookers and paper craftsmen alike.

LCI has a great selection of translucent vellum paper in a variety of clear, pastel, and bright colors and in a variety of sizes for your creative convenience.

If you want to jump on the vellum bandwagon but need a boost, here are some crafty and creative suggestions on how you might use vellum.

party invitation in vellum envelope

Create Your Own Funky Translucent Envelopes

Try creating a vellum envelope and transform your plain-Jane envelope into a thing of beauty. Depending on your envelope’s contents, experiment with the color and pattern of the vellum so it enhances or mutes whatever’s inside. To make an envelope, unfold a regular one to use as your template. Fold the vellum the same way and glue together.

Use Vellum in Invitations-Lots of Ways to Do It!

Vellum has a ton of uses when it comes to invitations. Since it is strong enough to be printed on, cut, and wrapped, but light enough to be used as a sheer overlay or decorative addition, the possibilities are endless!

Check out this article for some great ways to incorporate vellum into your invitations!
5 Vellum Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can Do

Use Vellum as a Photo Matte

Showcase a special photo by matting it with vellum. Layer it with card stock or printed paper. For a more dramatic effect, tear the vellum mat. If you cut it with decorative edge scissors, be careful, as bending or creasing can leave white lines.

photo printed on vellum in scrapbook page

Print a Photo on Vellum

Speaking of photos, try printing one on vellum. You can achieve some incredibly unique results by doing this. Experiment with placing the printed photo on different colors or textures of card stock. You’ll be impressed with the masterpiece you create.

Use it as Tracing Paper

Vellum makes great tracing paper. Place a light-colored sheet over a picture, logo, or handwriting style that you’d like to copy and then trace away. Be careful of smudging.

Make a Pocket on a Scrapbook Page

Make a vellum pocket on a scrapbook page. It’s simple: fold a sheet of vellum in half and attach it to a heavyweight card stock with adhesive. Slip items like cards, pressed flowers, or other treasures inside for safekeeping.

Weave Some Together & Make a Plaid Design

When combined with different colored papers or card stock, vellum can mute a bright tone, add a softening pattern, or even change its own color. Try weaving together a few one-inch strips of different colored vellum to create a plaid background.

Your creative imagination holds the key to success with vellum!

Some Tips for Working with Vellum

Finally, some tips for working with vellum.

Be Careful with Adhesives

Because vellum is not as porous as other papers, some adhesives don’t work well with it. Your best bets are:

Printing Vellum Can be Tricky

When printing with vellum, laser jet printers typically work best. If you use an ink jet printer, be sure to allow plenty of time for the ink to dry. Another great solution for ink jet printing on vellum is the Perfect Printing Pouch. The pouch applies a binding agent to the vellum that allows the ink to properly adhere to the paper for great results.

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  1. Kerry Beard says:

    I need to laminate vellium to a substrate such as MDF what glue would be used? Can you buy it already laid up?

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Kerry, thanks for submitting your question!
    One person recommends cyanoacrylate (super) glue if you don’t mind a cloudy look. This might work with our vellum since it’s not completely transparent. But again, the vellum we carry at LCI Paper is typically used for stationery projects, so I’m not certain about how it would adhere to MDF.

  3. pj says:

    is it possible to use vellum transfers on ceramic tile and how in the world is it done?

  4. Amy says:

    To print transfers for ceramic tile, I believe you’ll need a special transfer paper. You can buy readymade decals, or make your own decals with inkjet water-slide decal paper.