Creative Ways to Decorate an Invitation with Ribbon

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Ribbon Idea 1: Tie ribbon around two corners of the invitation card.

Want to hide the unsightly reverse side of this otherwise beautifully embellished invitation card? See a trick we’ve learned along the way for a clean, professional touch that will cover the ends of the ribbon that are otherwise exposed behind the card.

using a backing card!

It hides the extra ribbon behind the card while adding an elegant black border. In this example, we use Double Sided Tape to adhere the backing card.

Ribbon Idea 2: Another Way to Embellish an Invitation Card with Ribbon:

Ribbon Idea 3: Use our Ribbon Stitch Hole Punch to make holes to feed the ribbon through the card.

Tie a simple knot and leave the ends to hang. Or tie a bow. It’s up to you!

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