Create Your Own Invitation Kits with LCI Paper’s New Invitation Builder

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Our customers have always been able to create custom invitations by choosing their favorite invitation cards, envelopes, RSVP cards, etc. from our vast selection of invitation items. With our new Invitation Builder, it’s easier than ever to mix and match and build the invitation that suits you.

The Basics To Using Our Invitation Builder

Within different areas of our printable invitation department you will see the familiar Lego Builder Icon

LCI Paper's Invitation Builder Envelope Color Choices

  • On the left side of the Invitation Builder, you are presented with choices for each item that will make up your invitation ensemble. Depending on the invitation type, you might see Invitation Envelopes, Pochettes, Invitation Cards, Response Envelopes, Response Cards, etc. Each items is correctly sized to work with every other item in the Builder.
  • The Invitation Envelopes category will be selected, showing you the full range of envelope color choices. Other item categories are below it and can be opened with a click to reveal the color choices within that category. Click on a particular color to see it in greater detail on the right hand side of the Builder.
  • Continue to select your favorite items, coordinating colors as you like. Keep in mind that the selections you make on the left are reflected in the ensemble you are making on the right. You can always go back to the left, choose an item, and replace a color you had previously selected. Choose items from every category or omit items from categories you don’t need. You have complete control.
  • Your selected items also show up under the main Builder window. This section makes it easy to see how much each pack costs and to see the price of your total order before shipping. And with one click, you can order everything that you’ve selected.
  • LCI Paper's Invitation Builder items summary

    LCI Paper’s new Invitation Builder is a fun and easy way to choose all the items for your invitation without worrying about sizing. Simply make your color choices to create an invitation ensemble suited to your taste.

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