Choosing Fonts for your Wedding Invitations 101!

Choosing Fonts 101

Fonts Elicit Emotion!

Invitations set the mood for your big day. Will your event be formal, whimsical, modern, rustic? In design, fonts are an important factor in triggering different emotions in your guests, so choosing a font that corresponds to the mood is critical. Looking for guidance or inspiration for addressing or designing invitations for your wedding? We’ve put together a guide with tips for choosing your fonts!

Choosing Fonts Text Examples

Types of Fonts

Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see that there are so many types of fonts to choose from. Before you get overwhelmed, let’s start with the basics.  The two main types of fonts used are “serif” and “sans serif”. Serif fonts are typefaces that have little feet or lines at the end of the letters. Sans Serif typefaces do not include these feet. Other than these two major types, there are also “Script” or “Display” fonts. Script fonts are made up of cursive letters. Display fonts are mainly used for decorative purposes.

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Different Ways to Use Fonts

Decide if you want to use one or two fonts. Since there are so many options, pairing fonts can get tricky. A basic rule of thumb is that the fonts chosen should complement each other and not be too similar or too different. First, decide what mood or tone you’d like to set. Are you going for casual, friendly or formal and sophisticated? Do you like a traditional and classic look or a more modern and contemporary look? Once you’ve determined the mood or tone of your event, you can choose your font or begin pairing.

Choosing Fonts-Pairings

3 Tips for Choosing your Font!

  1. Decide your Wedding Style: Fonts set the mood and can help give your guests a sneak peek at the theme of your wedding. Serif fonts portray emotions of reliability, integrity and honesty. Sans serif fonts tend to depict more modern, contemporary and stylish characteristics. Display fonts add another element of finesse.
  2. Choose 1-2 fonts: Typically, you would pair a sans serif or serif font with a display or script font. Check out our image below to see some common font pairings.
  3. Add an accent font! Display or script fonts add a little extra flair to your invitations or can help accentuate your theme. Sometimes using an accent font also helps to highlight important information.

All the fonts listed below are free for use with download links provided.

Links to Font Downloads:

  1. Avenir & Adelicia Script
  2. Memories & Gill Sans
  3. Frontage & White Garden
  4. Athelas & Pinyon Script
  5. CAC Champagne & Book Antiqua
  6. Bangla Sangam & Wild Ones


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