Best Glue for Frozen Limba Vellum Envelope Liners

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Don’t Let Glue Show Through Translucent Vellum Liners – Use the Right Adhesive!

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Soon after the arrival of our newest translucent vellum, customer Shelly from Colorado wrote to us saying:

I ordered a sample of your new Frozen Limba vellum with a wood finish and think it would make a really interesting envelope liner! However, I’m afraid that when it comes time to glue the liner in place, the glue will show through the paper since it’s slightly translucent. Can you please recommend an adhesive that won’t show through the wood vellum?

To answer Shelly’s question, we put four adhesives to the test and lined an A7 wood grain envelope with our Frozen Limba vellum paper.

Below, see our results and learn which adhesive we deemed best of the best for wood grain vellum envelope liners!




Four Paper Adhesives Tested. . .

  • Glue Marker
  • ZipDry Paper Glue
  • Glue Stick
  • Dots Double Sided Tape

. . . And Left to Sit for 24 Hours

For each test, we traced just the perimeter of the top part of the liner with adhesive, as we have found that if you use too much adhesive, the liner can end up looking lumpy and unprofessional. We let each lined envelope sit for 24 hours. Here’s what we found!


Glue Marker – Glue Apparent to the Touch, Not the Eye

Glue marker results were pretty great! Because of the prominent texture and cloudy appearance of the vellum liner, the glue beneath was not visible at all! However, since the liner is so light in weight, when you run your finger over the location of the glue, it was just a bit noticeable to the touch.







ZipDry – Results Similar to Glue Marker – Pretty Darn Good!

Zip Dry results were similar. Glue was not apparent to the eye, and just barely apparent to the touch.

Again, a nice, professional look overall.







Glue Stick – A Little Bumpy. . .

Glue stick results were slightly less favorable. Though the cloudy appearance of the vellum masked the appearance of the glue showing though, after drying, the envelope flap had a hardened, bumpy, warped, and unprofessional looking appearance.







Dots Double Sided Tape – Excellent! Thumbs Up!

Dots double sided tape had the best results. Even through the think translucent vellum, tape was not apparent to the eye or the touch, making for a nice, slick, professional looking lined envelope.

Dots are Best, Glue Marker & ZipDry a Close Second

In summary, and to answer Shelly’s question, we personally feel dots are best for lining envelopes with wood grain vellum, but if you prefer to use glue, Zip Dry and Glue marker work as well.

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