3 Awesome Color Combinations for Wedding Stationery

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Three Cool Color Combos for Modern Wedding Stationery

The new Gmund Color System consists of 48 colors and countless color combinations. Here, we choose three that may not have crossed your mind.

Whether you’re looking for an offbeat color scheme for your big event or just browsing for creative inspiration, check them out. We think you’ll like what you see!

View Gmund Color Swatches

Vanilla, Merlot, Placid Blue wedding color scheme displayed with printed wedding envelope

Placid Blue (01), Powder Pink (71) & Merlot (04) – Sophisticated

Merlot, Vanilla and Placid Blue is a fresh and sophisticated alternative to the classic red, white and blue.

Here, we display it as a Placid Blue envelope printed with burgundy text.

Marina, Rosa, Olive Green wedding color combination displayed with printed wedding envelope

Marina (14), Rosa (11) & Olive Green (03) – Whimsical

Neutral blue/gray Marina looks lovely with Rosa, rich with Olive Green, and even better with both!

We love this color combo because it’s fun, light and springy without being as soft and subdued as a a palette of pastels.

Shown here, a with a custom printed back flap.

Wheat, Crocum, Black Forest wedding colors displayed with wedding place cards

Canary Yellow (31), Wheat (27) & Black Forest (60) – Striking

Remember the yellow and gray wedding rage from a few years back? Canary Yellow, Wheat and Black Forest is kind of like that, only bolder (and maybe cooler).

Bright Canary Yellow brings out the yellow undertones in Wheat, and the green in Black Forest – a green so dark, it is almost black hence the name.

Gmund Color Canary Yellow and Wedding White place cards, shown right.

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