Attach a photo to my Wedding Program, should I use cardstock or paper?

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We love receiving creative questions from customers. Miranda in California is making a program & writes:

I was wondering if card stock or text paper was more appropriate. I plan on printing out a picture and attaching it to the card. Is the card stock able to fold nicely and will it be able to hold the weight of one picture?

Watch our video in response to questions concerning card stock vs. text weight paper (another great video). In regards to folding, our best suggestion is to order our pre-cut blank folding cards, available in many sizes and colors. They ship flat for easy printing and are scored for easy folding. We also touch on photo printing and adhering the photo using our famous Zip Dry adhesive to the program.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Thank you very much, this video was very helpful. It’s great to see what the finished product looks like!
    Thank you for the direct link to pre-cut paper as well!
    I’m very excited and cannot wait to get started!