Amy’s Custom Red White & Black Wedding Invitation

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Amy's invitationThis July, Amy from Oklahoma is getting married! For the occasion, Amy decided to make her own wedding invitations.

Among other items, Amy used LCI Paper’s white 6 ½ inch square black-lined envelopes to complete her unique wedding invitation ensemble that also includes a black backing card, a white invitation card, a vellum layer, and a red satin ribbon.

Her red, black, and white invitations have received nothing but rave reviews from her family and friends, so she decided to share her creation with LCI Paper and with all of our our blog readers and podcast subscribers.

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Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Since a wedding is so personal and important, did that have an effect on your decision to create your own invitations and sort of make them personal?

It had a little bit to do with it. Mainly, we’re on a pretty tight budget for our wedding, so everything that I’ve done has started out of course with the budget in mind. Because I think anybody that’s planning a wedding knows you can easily spend twenty, thirty thousand dollars on your wedding and that’s not something that we would even want to do even if the money were available. So I just started doing a search of some different ideas of the invitations. And actually doing them myself, I think I would do that again, or really, definitely suggest anybody do that because of the personability and you can add your own flare and flavor to it as far as what you like and a little bit of yourself and my fiancé, I was able to add a little bit of him as well.

Excellent. Let’s talk about the design of your invitation, the red, white, and black, and then tell me about the way you used vellum on top of your card? How did that all come together.

Well, the red, white, and black, of course, those were the colors of my wedding. I like the combination of all of them. And then, as far as for the basic design of the invitation itself, black and white are probably the best colors to have for an invitation because there’s so many different things that you can do with it. But to keep it from looking to plain, that’s where I came in with the vellum with our initial—the last name on the vellum—it just kind of gives it a little bit of depth and a little bit of something more artistic then just the black and white. And of course the red ribbon gives it that added touch too, that ties it all together with our colors.

We’ve been e-mailing each other a bit and in one of your e-mails you wrote that you love the invitation but you had no idea everyone else would love them just as much. Can you describe the feelings you have when you begin to realize that other people love your design and then they go out of their way to give you that feedback and support?

Amy's invitationIt’s really been amazing. I really was shocked. I knew that I loved them, but I’m kind of an “artsy” person is what my friends call me because I like that kind of thing and to create those kinds of crafts and things like that. So I knew I liked them, but when I started getting so much feedback from family and friends and everything, it’s really been nice. I even had an RSVP that came back that they were unable to attend, but they made sure to put a little note on there that they loved the whole invitation ensemble, everything with it. I mean all of the feedback that I’ve gotten from all the invitations have been nothing but positive. It’s been great.

And I guess you already said that you would encourage other people who might be thinking of creating their own invitation to go for it, right?

Absolutely. Even if you’re not good at arts and crafts or you think you’re not good at arts and crafts, you would not believe how unbelievably easy these were to put together. And if nothing else, you could just try it, get enough supplies to just try one and if it’s not your thing or if it’s taking you too much time or you just don’t like it then at least you know.

Yup. Good point. I just wrote an article for our blog yesterday or two days ago about the importance of ordering a sample. So if you do have time, if you set aside enough time, go ahead and order a few pieces and put them together. Send a test run. Send one through your printer, you know, and see how it turns out.

Yeah, that’s great.

I guess one last thing. First of all, I just want to thank you for submitting this beautiful invitation to me at LCI. I just wondered where you heard about the offer to submit your work.

Amy's invitationWell, actually, when I was doing a search on where to buy some of the supplies to make my invitations, after I knew what I was going to do and I was looking for some good pricing and things like that, I think I ordered my envelopes from you all. It was one of the searches that came up on Google—on my Google search. So I’ve kind of gone back to your web site a few times looking for other types of supplies of paper and things like that, because the response I’ve got from these invitations of mine, I’ve been thinking about doing some making of invitations for other people. So I was looking at your web site for supplies for a possible small business.

Ok, so you must have seen that new page that we have up, right on the main site there.

Hmm hmm.

Ok, gotcha.

I had actually looked at your… the blog of the invitation that’s on there right now and I love that idea. I would love to be able to design something along those lines as well.

Oh, Shawnna’s seashell invitation, that one?

Yes. Yes.

Ok awesome. So it’s working then, ’cause that’s kind of the goal, to share these great invitations with other people and get them inspired, so awesome.


Alright, well, I thank you so much for your time. Is there anything else you wanted to add?

Oh, you’re welcome. Umm, no, I think that’s it. I appreciate you guys looking and choosing that one. It just makes the whole process that much more exciting for me.

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  1. Because black and white is a perfect, foolproof, easy – and best of all – budget color scheme, it is ideal for crafted and do it yourself weddings. Thanks for great post!

  2. asma15 says:

    Most black and white wedding invitations will reveal hints to an urban environment, not to mention that the fonts and lines turn a very common type of invitation into a tiny form of art expressing the couple

  3. Sandra Sain says:

    I love these. Such a pro looking job! How did you attach the ribbon?