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Amy Roszak, creator of The Perfect Printing Pouch and other magical craft products, recently exhibited at the Craft & Hobby Association‘s 2010 Winter Convention & Trade Show in Anaheim, California and was nice enough to tell us about her experience at the show in an interview that we recorded last week.

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Here is a transcript of the interview:

Well, as far as the booth goes, I was at an end of an isle which was a great location.


Still, a lot of people don’t know who I am, what we make so often they would stop and kind of look and I’d have to kind of invite them in. And then once they would start seeing it, literally, their mouths drop as they go, “Oh my god!” There was one time when two people said it at the exact same time and the three of us just cracked up because it was like, you know, that should have been on film. So the reactions are always really positive and really fun to see people who had never seen the products see them in action.

Craft & Hobby Association event

I didn’t actually get out of my booth but maybe twice. So I didn’t get to see an awful lot that was out and about. I can say it looked a lot smaller that in past years. Although I got an e-mail today from CHA saying that it was bigger.

I guess you would know, is a booth quite expensive?

Well, it’s all relative I guess.

Of course.

I have a fairly small booth. I think it’s a pretty expensive undertaking especially for some of the bigger companies. They have larger booths and they have more people in the booths and they go to quite a big expense in making the booths look like little stores and I really don’t do that. I’m more into showing people how to use my products or answer questions about their crafting in general.

Well, you had just a minute ago mentioned there should have been a video camera. But craft fans can catch a glimpse of the show and learn more about you and your products through a video on YouTube right now featured you being interviewed by Donna of Custom Crops.

That was really fun actually. (laughter) When they stopped by and asked if they could video, first they came by and they just saw it; their eyes were just popping. And then they asked if they could come back and they came back with a full crew. And Donna who interviewed me was just adorable. She also just kept going, “Oh really!” You know, just really excited… So that was fun. And it wasn’t that she was putting it on, it was just it’s fun to watch that.

Yeah, you can see that it is genuine. Videos like that are proof of why it makes sense to display at a convention like this because you got this great promotion out of it. That will be up on YouTube forever, and who knows how many hundreds, if not more, are going to be watching that.

I agree and I actually use that to try and explain it. It’s one thing if you have products that everybody knows about or understands how to use them just because of what they’re called, if they’re a punch or whatever. But when you have fairly innovative products that don’t have…it doesn’t bring into mind what they are just by saying their name, then a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Do you want to talk at all about the benefits of being at the CHA’s shows every year?

Sure, yeah. Some of it is absolutely sales at the show, but I really think that a big part of it comes after the show and that would be from press, you know, people like you Josh, you know, calling and saying, “What’s going on?” Maybe I saw them at the show. Other companies, possibly international, that will be ordering-cause it takes some people longer to go back and process it-and I think the interaction from other companies. There’s a number of companies that I saw at the show that possibly will be picking up my product-or could be. And like I said, I rarely got out of my booth, but when I did, it was mostly to talk specifically to other companies. And I really don’t have that opportunity unless you’re at a show like that.

Yep. Let’s talk about the other video…


…that you directed me to on and it features you promoting the Perfect Printing Pouch and your other products and your angle was a magic act. And you had told me last time, I think after our really great, in-depth, two part interview that this sort of thing, the marketing or the promotion side, kind of stepping out and being the face of the product, isn’t maybe one of the aspects that you’re most comfortable with.

Yeah, that’s saying it lightly Josh. (laughter)

How did you decide on getting up there and doing this sort of magic act as the theme for your presentation?

Well, it was at The Creative Entrepeneur‘s kind of workshop, I guess-convention, and we were asked to present but do it with kind of some fun. And so I was trying to think, “What would be fun?” And last year, CarrieAnne DeLoach had a review of my Perfect Printing Pouch in her Scrap n’ Art e-zine. And she basically says how she loves magic shows and what could be more intriguing than this and blah blah blah, and she goes on to say that when purchasing a tool which claims to accomplish certain tasks, she wants to be sure that she doesn’t need that pretty assistant that she doesn’t get to bring home with her and make sure that it works.


I kind of had that in my mind that a lot of people, when they see my product, especially that very first thing that I always do where I take a marker and I scribble on vellum and then I wipe it with the pouch and I scribble again and it’s so different, and people always go, “My gosh, that’s magic! What do you have in there, fairy dust?” So it kind of just all hit me that that’s kind of an underlying theme of my products is that they seem that they work like magic because you don’t really have to do very much to get them to work. That’s where it came from.

Well, it was a fun watch, and you look really cute too with your top hat.

(laughter) Thank you. I was very, very nervous and what’s kind of unusual is I was a teacher so I’m used to speaking in front of crowds. I could tell you if you want to know how to use my products or whatever, I can do that pretty easily. But when I was standing there and having to go through a routine; I’m definitely not going to become an actor.

(laughter) It didn’t show that you were nervous, honestly.

(laughter) Thank you again.

Recently, you announced the Best Glue Ever. And this is your latest product?

Yes it is.

You want to just tell me about it?

Sure. It kind of is an offshoot from my last product from last year which was Embellie Gellie and Embellie Gellie let’s you pick up and place tiny objects. And they could be die cuts or letters or little sequins and gems. And it seemed like the natural extension. While you’re picking them up and placing them, you need to have an adhesive that works really well for your project. So all the things that I like and didn’t like in adhesives that were available to me were what went into my list. I worked for about the past year with a number of different companies. When I would get one-I’d get a sample and I’d say, “No, this isn’t sticky enough.”

And they’d be like, “It’s so sticky!”
“It’s not sticky enough.”

And I’d get another sample and it would be, “Well, you know it’s kind of stringy because it’s a solvent.” And so I wanted a water base. So each time I would kind of keep narrowing it down and narrowing it down. And believe it or not, one of the biggest things for me was the bottle. The spout had to be very fine-tipped because I want to be able to use it to put out the teeniest little dots when I’m doing letters that are cut out with my die cut machine. Before this, I’d have one one adhesive that would be in a pen, so it would have a very small tip and I’d have another one that would work with metal and I’d have a different one that I could use with fabric. You know, if you look at my adhesive shelf, it’s crazy! So that’s where I kept going, you know, “I want a glue that can do all materials, that has a fine point; it dries quickly; it’s very tacky.” You know, all of the things I say that this glue does in that little video, and I love it! So that’s why it was called the Best Glue Ever and it works really well will the Embellie Gellie as well.

And is the glue something you had designed to your specifications or did you completely fabricate…?

No, I don’t do the actual chemistry, I just say, “This is what I want.” And then I worked with chemists who give me samples and each time I would give them feedback on what I’m looking for. So it’s basically being made to my specs and then bottled how I needed it to be bottled. And then there was another glue that I like a lot that is similar to this in many ways, and one of the things about that one is that it’s in about the same size bottle in height, but it has .83 ounces in it. My glue has 2 ounces of glue. And it wasn’t something that I realized; for years I had been using a glue-paying for a fairly large bottle-and not realizing that it didn’t have much glue in it, so that was another issue for me.

Amy, is there anything else we should touch on?

Oh Josh, I don’t know. I suppose the question is what’s coming next and I don’t have the answer to that so here I brought it up and don’t even have an answer but I guess one of the things is that I don’t really sit around thinking of what the next product is. It’s more or less what I’m having an issue with so I don’t know.

You’re a person who enjoys being creative. If you see a need, personally, you assume that others might have the very same need.

Absolutely, abolutely.


Only what’s getting to me now is the fact that I can’t keep designing products from scratch and do everything in the business. So that’s why the links with other companies are so critical to me, so that I can continue to do the things that I think I do best and not try to do everything.

Thanks for Amy Roszak, creator of the Perfect Printing Pouch, for taking some time out to talk to me about her experience at the Craft & Hobby Association’s 2010 Winter Convention & Trade Show in Anaheim, California.

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