5 Ways to Tie Ribbon Like An Invitation Designer

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Ribbon – A Colorful, Decorative & Practical Invitation Embellishment

Decorative and practical, tying ribbon is a great way to jazz up DIY invitation designs.

In this tutorial video, you’ll learn five simple ways to tie ribbon in your invitation design. Ribbon can be tied exactly as shown, or use the ideas as inspiration for a unique ribbon clad design of your own – and if you do, be sure to share!

invitation layers held together with decorative satin ribbon

1. Ribbon Punched Layers
Secure Invitation Layers with Decorative Flare!

No sticky adhesive required, use ribbon to tie invitation layers together. It’s quick and convenient, and just plain looks cool.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Use a 1/4 inch ribbon stitch punch to punch a hole through all invitation layers
  2. Thread 1/4 inch double face satin ribbon through the holes
  3. Tie ribbon into a decorative knot or bow

Metallic booklet invitation held closed with decorative satin ribbon

2. Ribbon Bound Booklet Invitation
Not Your Average Folder.

We’ve all seen folder invitations held closed with a standard ribbon band. Why not kick your folder up a notch with a more off beat ribbon binding method?
Here’s how it works:

  • Punch a hole through both sides of a booklet folder using a standard hole punch
  • Thread the ribbon through
  • Tie into a knot or bow

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Booklet Invitation

pocket fold insert booklet bound with ribbon

3. Ribbon Bound Pocket Insert

In this design ribbon is used to create a pocket fold insert booklet. Rather than placing several insert cards loosely in the pocket, keep them all neatly tied together for your guests’ convenience.

Here’s how we did it:

  • A ribbon stitch punch was used to punch a hole through reception, direction, and additional info cards
  • 1/4″ satin ribbon was threaded through,
  • Tied into a bow
  • And finally, placed in the pocket

No important pieces of your invitation will get misplaced with this convenient design!

Like this pocket fold? Be sure to check out the full tutorial:

pocket fold flap closed with ribbon

4. Ribbon Adorned Pocket Fold
Keep Those Flaps Down in Style!

Ribbon was used in this portrait pocket fold to keep the flap down, and it also adds a nice touch to the otherwise plain exterior.

  • Place ribbon on center panel of pocket fold where flap folds over
  • Adhere invitation card to panel to keep ribbon in place
  • Fold pocket fold up
  • Tie ribbon around the outside

invitation suite with wide satin ribbon band

5. Ribbon Banded Suite
Clean, Simple, Organized.

Use 7/8″ wide satin or chiffon invitation ribbon to neatly wrap up an invitation card, additional information cards, and response items. It’s clean, simple, and organized, and here’s how we did it:

  • Cut a piece of ribbon that is approximately double the width of the invitation
  • Adhere one end of ribbon to back of invitation card using double sided tape
  • Pull ribbon tightly around suite
  • Adhere the other end of the ribbon to the previously adhered ribbon
  • Trim loose ends

Why double sided tape?
Double sided tape lays flat, is quite strong, and guests can unwrap and resecure the ribbon band as they wish.

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  1. jamesmount says:

    I love this idea and used it last year on my wedding invitation and it was looking exquisite. In fact it is easy to make a ribbon and tie it over any card.