5 Pretty & Practical Ways to Close a Gatefold Invitation

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Gatefold cards are great for wrapping up and organizing invitations, but those darn flaps never stay closed! Below, we share our five favorite ways to close (and nicely decorate) gatefold invites.

Tie ribbon around a gatefold like a present to decorate it and keep it closed

Wrap it Like a Present

Make guests feel like they’re opening a present with this classic ribbon tying method. It’s simple and it looks nice, and who doesn’t like opening presents?

What it is

  • Beach Sand gatefold
  • Cream 1/4 inch satin ribbon.

How we did it

Just like you would wrap a gift, wrap the ribbon horizontally across the front, twist it in the back, bring it back to the front, and tie.

Glue ribbon to the back of gatefold and tie loose ends into a bow to close

Glue some Ribbon On

Here we attached a wide ribbon to the gatefold and tied it into a decorative bow in the center. This way, the ribbon stays with the card and can be tied and untied as necessary.

What it is

  • Rain gatefold
  • Iris 7/8 inch satin ribbon.

How we did it

ZipDry was used to glue ribbon to the entire back side of the gatefold and flaps, then tied into a bow.

Punch holes in gatefold flaps. Run ribbon, string or twine through them and tie into a knot or bow to close

Punch some Holes, Tie some Twine

A more rustic look, in this example we punched holes in the gatefold flap and laced some twine through them. String or ribbon would work too.

What it is

  • Antique Ivory gatefold
  • Hemp twine

How we did it

A ruler and pencil were used to measure and mark the punch location on the flaps, then punched with a 1/16 inch round micro punch.

Use hemp twine and a personalized tag to decorate and close gatefold invitation

String It & Tag It

For a more personal touch, use string, ribbon or twine to tie a monogram or logo tag on.

What it is

  • Light Sky Blue gatefold<
  • Hemp twine (red)
  • 89lb Gmund Colors Matt Snow card stock (printed then cut to 2 3/4 square)

How we did it

(12) 2 3/4 square cards were printed to one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, then cut. A hole was punched in the corner of each tag, then tied on with twine.

Here, we wrapped the twine around many times, but a more subtle look with less twine would work as well.

Gatefold card decorated and held closed with personalized belly band

Wrap it in an Invitation Belly Band

Instead of a personalized tag, this gatefold is closed with a personalized belly band.

What it is

How we did it

It was easy! We printed and cut two 3 1/2 x 11 bands from one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. The belly band was wrapped around the gatefold and secured in the back with glue.

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