5 Vellum Wedding Invitation Ideas You Can Do

Vellum Paper for Wedding Invitations – So Many Options, So Many Creative Ideas…

Vellum wedding invitations are very “in” this year and we see why! Translucent vellum paper has that soft, dreamy transparency, looks super chic printed or plain, and is incredibly versatile. What’s not to love?

If you want to make vellum wedding invitations, you’re in the right place. We offer top quality, top trend vellum in light and heavy weights, a rainbow of colors, a slew of sizes, and even vellum printing services.

Below, we’ll give you a quick rundown of our vellum collections, explain what they’re best suited for, then give you some creative vellum invitation ideas to get you started with these trendy translucents.

Shop Translucent Vellum Paper for Invitations

Lightweight translucent vellum paper for invitations. Light, thin vellum weight great for overlays, wraps, inserts

Lightweight Translucent Vellum Paper (21lb – 30lb)

What it Looks & Feels Like

Vellum in the 21lb – 30lb weight range is light, thin and sheer. It is non-porous, super smooth, and has the subtle translucency of frosted glass. It’s delicate yet durable, easy to roll and fold yet standing up to printing and cutting with no trouble. Lightweight vellum thickness is best compared to a sheet of wax paper but with a much finer finish.

What’s in the Collection

Uses for Lightweight Vellum

So colorful, so versatile, lightweight vellum has endless uses! Here are the most common ways to incorporate it into your wedding invitations.

  • Vellum invitation overlays – blank or printed
  • Vellum invitation jackets, gatefolds, wraps and sleeves
  • Vellum invitation bands – blank or printed
  • Protective/decorative vellum invitation inserts

Translucent vellum cardstock in white & black from LCI Paper. Thick vellum weight great for invitation cards and vellum gatefolds and wraps.

Heavyweight Translucent Vellum Cardstock (48lb – 54lb)

What it Looks & Feels Like

Our translucent vellum cardstock is essentially thick vellum paper. Much like its lightweight counterpart, heavyweight vellum is slick, smooth and has a frosty translucence. However, as it is far sturdier than lightweight vellum, it must be scored before folding to avoid cracking and for a clean, professional fold. Its thickness is that of a 65lb cardstock – substantial enough to stand on its own but not quite as thick as a standard greeting card.

What’s in the Collection

Uses for Vellum Cardstock

Though not as colorful a collection, heavyweight vellum still has many great uses in invitations:

  • Stand alone invitation cards (clear invitations are super cool)
  • Invitation insert cards (reception, direction, additional info cards)
  • Heavyweight vellum gatefolds, jackets and sleeves

Vellum Wedding Invitation Ideas

Now that you have a handle on our vellum weights and what they are best suited suited for, here’s some creative vellum invitation inspiration!

Vellum wedding invitation idea: Colorful, lightweight vellum overlay on top of invitation card to reveal wording beneath.

Vellum Invitation Overlay

One of the most common ways to incorporate vellum into your wedding invitations is by using it as an overlay. Invitation wording printed on the card shows faintly through the lightweight sheet. It’s a great way to add a splash of color and a sense of intrigue to an otherwise simple design.

What’s Shown Here:

Vellum overlay printed in white with invitation wording with photo underneath. White ink printing on vellum done by LCIPaper.com.

Printed Vellum Overlay

Print directly on a vellum overlay for a sharper, bolder look. Your wording will pop while still allowing the invitation card below to peek through. Printed overlays are perfect for placing over photos like shown here.

What’s Shown Here:

Invitation with vellum gatefold wrap. Use lightweight vellum for invitation jackets, wraps, sleeves and more.

Vellum Gatefold Invitation Wrap

Lightweight vellum is great for creating vellum gatefolds, wraps, jackets and sleeves. Not only does a wrap keep your invitation ensemble neat inside of your envelope, it’s also just plain pretty. Wrap around the front and secure with ribbon, seals or adhesives.

What’s Shown Here:

Wedding invitation with translucent vellum band printed in white. Subtle vellum bands and wraps a stylish way to organize wedding invitations.

Vellum Invitation Band

The vellum belly band is a lighter, more streamlined take on a vellum wrap. The band shown here is personalized, but would look nice plain too!

What’s Shown Here:

Simple vellum wedding invitation idea - Thick, translucent vellum cardstock printed in white by LCI Paper.

Printed Vellum Cardstock Invitation Cards

A very simple way to incorporate vellum into your invitations is to print right on it, leaving you with chic, modern, translucent invitation cards.

Our heavyweight, thick vellum is approximately the equivalent of a 65lb card stock.

What’s Shown Here:

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