5 Reasons to Love Bi-Fold (Posh) Invitation Pockets

Array of bi-fold invitations, posh pockets from LCIPaper.com

All About Posh Pockets…

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Simple and stylish, a posh pocket is just a 5 x 7 folder with a pocket – no extra flap, no extra panel, no extra fluff.

We’re big fans of them here at LCI Paper. Here’s five reasons why:

Matte finish navy blue pocket invitation and envelopes

1. Less Bulk = Less Postage

Elimination of an outer flap means elimination of bulk and weight – good for your wallet when you go to buy those stamps*.

*We recommend bringing one finished invitation to the post office to determine correct postage before mailing.

Pocket Invitation Mailing Tips

Bifold invitation pockets in a variety of colors and finishes

2. Preferred Size and Layout

Featuring a top selling size and layout, 5 x 7 (A7) posh pockets feature a panel on the left and a pocket on the right, opening and reading like a book.

Posh pockets decorated with belly bands

3. A Clean, Flapless Front to Embellish

With their simplistic style, posh pockets are different from your average pocket. With a clean, flapless front, they are a blank canvas perfect for embellishments of all sorts.

View Invitation Belly Bands for Weddings

5 x 7 A7 bifold pocket folders from LCI Paper

4. So Many Colors and Finishes

Metallics, mattes and textures; white, black colors between – you name it, we have it in a posh pocket. It goes without saying, each has matching envelopes, cards and papers available as well.

Invitations created using 5x7 A7 Posh Pockets

5. Endless Creative Possibility

Here are a couple designs we came up with, but don’t just take our word for it. Order some posh pockets of your own and see what you come up with!

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