5 Common Questions About Vellum

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Questions About Vellum? We Have Answers.

Below, we answer five common questions about vellum. If you have more, be sure to visit our Vellum FAQ page where you’ll find all kinds of good info.

Is translucent vellum the same as vellum finish paper?

Translucent vellum and paper with a vellum finish are not the same thing (though understandably, a common misconception). Translucent vellum is see-through, non porous paper with an almost plastic-like finish. Vellum finish paper is opaque, highly absorbent, and has a subtle texture similar to that of an eggshell.

Translucent vellum and paper with a vellum finish are not the same thing

Is vellum crystal clear or see through?

Translucent vellum is not crystal clear like transparency paper. It looks more like frosted glass with a slightly cloudy appearance, but still see through.

Translucent vellum has the appearance of frosted glass - see-through, but not crystal clear

What are some other common names for vellum?

Vellum goes by many names, all of which refer to the same thing. See-through paper, see-thru paper, semi-transparent paper, and tracing paper are a few of the most common ones. The term of choice usually varies with the context or industry the paper is being used in. For example, drafters or artists are more likely to use tracing paper, where scrapbookers or stationers are more likely to use vellum.

Translucent vellum goes by many names - see-through paper, semi-transparent paper, tracing paper

Why is vellum tough to print on?

Vellum is not always tough to print on, but some people have trouble with it because of its non-porous, plastic-like finish.

Tips On Printing Vellum

Translucent vellum may be tough to print because of its finish

Does glue show through vellum?

Because it is translucent, glues, tapes, and other forms of adhesive often show through vellum. Though vellum adhesives are sold in craft stores, we recommend attaching vellum to your project with invitation embellishing accessories such as ribbon, twine, bows, clips, or brads. This avoids the problem all together and adds a decorative element to your design.

Glue or other adhesives often show through vellum. Try using accessories to adhere vellum instead

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